January 29, 2005

Derby Day Posted by Hello
Jeremy is five and is chomping at the bit to be a tiger cub! Everytime John comes home with a patch or bead he so sweetly says "That's so cool, John! When I am a tiger cub I'm gonna get that." He helps John pick out places on his vest to sew his patches and is following along with us in the God and Me book. I overheard him say to John last night, "John your car is the best, I know you will win the race." My heart just melted! He really wants to have his own car but is being so kind and gracious to support his brother. Couldn't you just eat that face!!!


Donna Boucher said...

Your boys are darling--really!

Good luck and have fun at the races today!

My boys were so close as little boys and they still are now that they are grown.

I think it is every mother's wish-that their children are close. Yours are off to a good start :o)

Dy said...

Oh, Laney, it sounds like you are fostering a wonderful place in your home for these two boys to be brothers and friends. I love reading about your boys!