April 25, 2005

Our Museum Day




The End (ha-ha-ha) Posted by Hello

Today we ventured out to The Museum of Natural History and we had a great time! My mother was kind enough to come with us and keep Joe occupied as well as help me find my way to the museum. My mom is awesome! She knows where everything in Manhattan is and the best way to get there. We drove in because we figured out all of the transportation costs involved and driving ourselves was the most cost effective. Aside from a few, "Are we there yet's?" the drive was uneventful. As we were cruising down Madison Avenue I was pointing out all of the stores and there was a huge Ann Taylor store. I suggested to the boys that maybe we should go shopping instead of see the dinosaur bones but they would not hear it.

We pointed out the buildings and amazing architecture and the boys were craning their necks to see all of the sights of the city. We drove thru Central Park and saw some horse drawn carriages and a lot of horse drawn carriage poop! Ewwww!

We arrived at the museum and the first exhibit we went to was, you guessed it, the dinosaurs! Jeremy was so excited! He is my dinosaur guy. We read the information given about the fossils and what part of the dinosaurs were real and what parts were built. They had many fossils to see and touch. He knew just which ones he wanted to see and was busy looking at everything.

We viewed many exhibits but John really wanted to see the whale. My pictures do not do it justice, that whale is gigantic! The whole marine life exhibit was extremely well done and the boys remembered so much from our animal studies. It was wonderful to hear them say, "Grandma, we learned about XYZ" and to let loose with a mouthful of information. We also saw animals from Africa, North American mammals, reptiles and amphibians. They had an awesome display from the Redwood Forest and an actual slice of wood from a tree in the forest. There was so much to see and we did not get to everything unfortunately. The boys were so well behaved, I was really proud of how they were interested in looking at all of the displays.

On the way home we played the what was your favorite part of the museum game. John's favorite part was in the Hall of Planet Earth where they had a seismograph set up. You had to jump on the target to simulate an earthquake. All four of us jumped together and created a small little blip on the paper. It was fun. Jeremy's favorite part was, of course, the dinosaurs and the whale.

The boys were so cute before we left this morning. They were asking me if they should bring their school books in the truck and do their work on the way to the museum. I laughingly explained that the museum was school for us today. They are quite the little scholars!

I am beat! G'night all!


CMB said...

Thanks for the pics. I've never been there but would love to go. That is a great way to teach the kids things and you're boys are so smart - they are like sponges!

gina said...

Brielle and i just looked at the pics. Now, she wants to go. Hey- who doesn't want to see dinosaur skeletons up close and personal?!
Thanks for the pics.

Jules said...

Cool pictures!! i would love to get to New York someday to see some of that stuff.

I know what you mean about taking our kids to places that we want them to come to value. Art museums, history and science museums, plays, ballets, concerts... all of the things that will make them "cultured". ;)
It sounds like you and your boys (and Grandma!) had a good day!