January 27, 2005

Movie Night

Last night Kevin and I not only rented a movie, we watched it. I can't tell you how many times we have rented a movie only to have life (or sleepiness) prohibit us from watching it. I had to teach at 6:00 so it was Dad's job to get Joe in bed and hold down the fort. I came home from the gym to find Kevin, John and Jeremy all tucked in on the couch watching The "Andy Griffith Show" and eating popcorn.

We rented "The Village" and it was really great, M.Night Shyamalan makes terrific movies. We have been fans of his ever since "The Sixth Sense" and "Signs" is one of our all time favorite movies. The only problem with his movies is you can't watch them twice! (Although we have watched "signs" a number of times and always love it.) There are so many fabulous elements of surprise that just grab you and don't let go and it is hard to capture that feeling again after you have seen the movie. Another reason I love his movies is because there is none of that gratuitous cursing or nudity that is so prevalent in films now. When I watch his movies I know I will be on the edge of my seat with anticipation. So go to your video store and rent it, if you have not seen it, and then come back and tell me what you thought.

We have a full plate today with school work and errands and tomorrow is John's birthday. Eight years old, I simply cannot believe it!

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Jersey Girl said...

I hope I can remember the name of the movie when I get to Blockbuster.