January 25, 2005


John and Jeremy in "The Fort" Posted by Hello

Doin' the happy dance and nobody is awake to see it!! My first picture!!!

I came home from Target today to find my boys had built a snow fort. I got out of the truck and my conversation with Jeremy went something like this:
Me: Hey baby,what did you build?
Jeremy: John and I built the awesomest snow fort.
Me: Can I see it?
Jeremy: Yes, let me open the port cullis. (the port cullis was another blue sled that was positioned in front of their faces and sure enough it opened just like a port cullis.)
Me: Wow, that's great. Are there alligators in that mote?
Jeremy: No( really he is thinking "duh") There are no alligators in New Jersey.

John had a pack night tonight at cub scouts and he received two patches and one achievement bead. He was thrilled with his birthday patch and popcorn sale patch. After they were given to him he gave me his little head nod and grin. Oh, I love that grin!

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Donna Boucher said...

You did it!
You determined girl!

I know just what you mean. Were it not for the kindness of strangers (well...my family and blog-sistah's) I would never been able to understand links and photos et al.

Great Job!