April 21, 2005

Certavi Et Vici

Well I have finally conquered the beast!!! I wish I could play some conquering type music for you but just hum the Rocky theme in your head and you will know how I am feeling. Yesterday I successfully managed to teach my children Latin!!! Not only did they enjoy it, they asked to do more!! I was thrilled, not only because they enjoyed it but because I did not have a nervous breakdown teaching it. I have "Latin" so built up in my head as something that only great academics are capable of teaching that it kind of scared me. Those who know me, know that I am not a great academic! I wrote my High School term paper, at work, two days before it was due and received an "A." (I do not recommend this, by the way.) My idea of studying for a test was reading the notes as I was driving to school. I had other important things to do, like my hair and cheerleading! Now my mother knows what was really going on!

Anyway, the boys did great! If you are looking for a Latin program that is easy to teach, Prima Latima is for you! (See my side bar for the link)

I have to give a head nod to the government here because the best way I can describe the change that has taken place because of our new checklists is: Terror Alert: Low! Those checklists have revolutionized our school day. No more, "Are we done yet, can I go outside, are we done yet, how much more do I have to do, are we done yet, is this my last subject, are we done yet?" Now I just say, "When all of your lines are checked, you are done." Giving the boys ownership of their work has changed the way they see their work as well. I see how they refer to their checklists and look for the next task to be completed. I see the sense of pride and accomplishment they have when the checkmark is made. I see that I should have done this sooner!

Today my mom is coming in from Florida and the boys are bursting with excitement! So am I, come to think of it! We have to get moving here. Have a wonderful day!!

Translation of the title: I have fought and conquered!!


CMB said...

That is so great! My Dad knows latin from being an alter boy and I must say it sounds very smart! I am excited that your Mom is coming too! Tell her I said Hello!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Congrats!!!!! Latin---WOW---I am impressed. Your boys are so blessed to have you as their Mom. I just love reading about your family. So lovely!!
Have a wonderful time with your Mom-from reading her comments she sounds terrific, but she would have to be 'cause she raised you.

mamabear said...

I hope you have a wonderful time with your mom. I love reading her comments on your blog. She sounds like a loving and caring mom, and you are blessed to have her.
Now a question re: Latin. I noticed a lot of hs'ing people teach their kids Latin. Why is that? No where that I've ever been to have I ever heard people speaking Latin to each other. Is there some benefit to learning Latin over any other language?
(please don't take this the wrong way-it's hard to convey tone of voice in a comment---I'm just wondering) :-)

mamabear said...

oh, i forgot to tell you, volcano book should be there today or tomorrow at the latest.

gina said...

The convention is up and running! Yours, Jules and my "workshops" are all in a row. Consider you self published AND a featured speaker! :) The new link is on my blog...