April 19, 2005

This Is The Last Thing I Should Be Doing

I have so much to do today and here I sit. Blogging. Eating. But I am listening to Tchaikovsky with the baby. Does that count for something? Please say yes!

Last night was such a fun family night! I made a fabulous roast chicken in the crock pot complete with all the fixin's! Mashed potatoes, carrot's, corn, green beans and homemade, yes the queen of Knorr's sauces, said homemade gravy baby! We're talkin' lick the plate deee-lish. After dinner we decided to take the kids for a walk and headed over to the park. They played on the swings for a while ( the original Greek translation of play on the swings is, "Can you push me?") and went on the jungle gym. We all had fun. As I was looking at my children one thought came to mind. Pigpen, from the Peanuts. My kids were filthy. I can't wait until we open the pool, or as we like to call it, the gigantic bathtub in the backyard. Once we arrived back home the boys went in the tub and there are no words to describe the ickyness of the ring that was left there. They are so cute when they are clean. Jeremy was just plain pooped so we went in my room, hopped in the bed and read Thomas the Tank Engine. After that Kevin lay down with him and he was out like a light.

Today I am in organization prison. My Prima Latina books are laughing at me. Really, I can hear them snicker as I walk past them. I just made checklists for the boys so they will know when their school day is over. How great am I? It's April, people, we have been in school since September! On Sunday I made a great History sheet and I actually have myself organized for the next 5 weeks!! Sweet Victory!! I am almost done with my Science sheet and then I am on to Spanish. I almost cried when I read that Art in Story is a once a week lesson that lasts about an hour and the book should be spread out over the four year history schedule recommended in The Well Trained Mind.

Classical education is rough! But so worth it! As Joe was eating lunch Jeremy was running a monologue to him. "Joe, these are your kidneys (pointing to his kidney's) they filter the bad stuff to your bladder, here, not your pee-pee, that's lower and where the pee comes out from. This is your skull (grabs Joe's head) your brain is under it, it's a computer that sends messages via (yes, he said "via") your spinal cord. (At this point he points to his throat and I interrupt, no honey the spinal cord is in the back) Joe, your spinal cord is back here, he continues, here is your heart, do you want me to take your pulse, your heart pumps blood all over your body, you have 206 bones in your body and white blood cells attack germs that come into your body. And I thought he wasn't listening!!

We have read 5 chapters in Farmer Boy. This afternoon during lunch we read about all of the food they ate at dinner and John said, "Wow! That lady is good!" They were not thrilled with the children should be seen and not heard line. I said maybe we should try that and they screamed, "NO!"

So far, Between a Rock and a Hard Place is terrific! I highly recommend it.


Jody said...

Yep, I know where you are coming from. I need to do a dozen things, but I haven't eaten yet & Brenna won't nap. I'm busy, right?

It sounds like you have been quite busy lately, so take a few minutes for yourself & relax!

CMB said...

Thanks for the library tip! I always think I need to BUY the book. I'll stop there on my way to Curves afterwork.

You deserve time to blog away - you are super busy!

Jersey Girl said...

Give yourself a break - you are highly organized and on track, always were. And the blogging is keeping your mother off the ledge here in Florida. I love, love, love, love love reading them - and I love you!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Love the recaps of your life & the boys schooling. I am impressed with the science/anatomy lesson that Joe received. Nice going, kiddo!!
I always thought homeschooling would be the way to go. I see I was correct. As a single mom it was not an option when my son was little. Now he is almost 29-guess it is too late to start now.
Keep sharing your life with us. It makes my day. I just love to read about the boys. Tell Kevin to remember the diaper!!
Blessed be...

Kimberly said...

Kids always spout off info when you think they weren't listening.

We didn't go bymylovely schedule today.I feel like such a complete failure. But I'm pretending it's fine, LOL.

We have been homeschooling 4 yrs and I don't even know what Classical Edcuation means. I have yet to read any homeschooling books, LOL.....sad, huh.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the note. It helps, LOL.

I just want to have a regular school class sometimes. This ecclectic stuff is great, but somedays I really wish we had our little structured curriculum and we did the same things eveyday,LOL. Is that bad?

~*~Delaina~*~ said...

I think taking a little break is good for the mind and soul. It's great for those who read it as well. I know I've enjoyed coming here so far. Your little fellows sound so cute.


Oh, I hope you don't mind if I add you to my list of favorite blogs to read.

Writing and Living said...

When we read Farmer Boy, my oldest decided his dream in life would be to live on a farm in upstate New York, work until he dropped all day, and then eat Mrs. Wilder's cooking. It's a great book. Enjoy!

kimzyn said...

Enjoyed visiting here. Just finished reviewing the blog at AHA Weblogs blog http://aha.typepad.com/weblogs_blog/. Stop by and say hello!
Kim of Relaxed Homeskool

gina said...

I was going to leave a comment (I admire your homeschooling- keep up the good work!)(oh, and the funny blogging!-it all about balance)but instead I am going over to AHA to read your review!! How exciting!

Shauna said...

I found your blog through AHA's review. I love reading about other home education families.

RANDI said...

Ah, the food made by Mrs. Wilder! I think she was an extremely busy lady!

Dy said...

ROFL! I love these stories. It's funny (and can be a little unsettling) to realize how much they do listen.