May 12, 2005

A Green Thumb? I Think Not!

This is the beautiful plant my mother-in-law brought to me on Mother's Day. How very optimistic of her!

This is what remains of the hibiscus that my mother brought to me on Mother's Day 2004. Posted by Hello

It's not that I wanted to let the plant die, I am just not very good at the whole water the flowers deal. It is a running joke that plants do not survive in our home. To my credit, my children are still alive and well fed and watered!! Right now it is raining so today is a good day for the new plant!


On a lighter note I am reading a book called Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. It was recommended by someone from The Well Trained Mind and I am really enjoying it. Finding an uninterrupted block of time to read it, well, that's another story! Honestly, how long can one sit in the bathroom and read before the rest of the family becomes hip to the game?

Have you gotten the chance to read lately? What are you reading? I am always on the lookout for a good book review!


Randi said...

Hi! I have the same difficulties with plants! My kids are lucky that I feed and water them on a regular basis! HAHAHA

I am reading the "Age of Opportunity" by Paul Tripp. It is a book about parenting teens, so far it is wonderufl-I have learned a lot! Also reading Confessions by St. Augustine. A good book but I am just slowly inching my way through it. Reading time has been scarce lately!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm reading two books right now, "The Secret Life of Bees" (which I believe you suggested), and Clay Aiken's new book. Yesterday I tried to read while going upon umpteen appts. Didn't work out too well. I don't know how much I actually remember.

And it's nice to know I'm not the only person that can't keep a plant alive. It's the running joke in our house that if a plant dares to darken our door, it has an imminent death sentence. Ha!

Jersey Girl said...

I laughed at the second paragraph of your post which begins "On the lighter side...". I thought the picture of my hibiscus was hysterically funny! No more "living gifts" from me.

Anonymous said...

My best friend is a gardener extraordinaire and has finally stopped giving me plants as gifts because she knows it's like murder. I like the silk kind -- they're already dead! Except I forget to dust those ones! I'm reading The Lazarus Trap by Davis Bunn and listening to A Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler on audio book. I just started the first one, it's good so far. Patchwork Planet is excellent, and the actor who reads it puts you right "there". I like to crochet or read on the evenings my husband is working on his side business, and this way I can do both!

Jules said...

LOL!!! Very funny- and soo very true! My mother had a beautiful plant on her table last Sunday. I told her when I look at it all I could think of was "one more thing that would NEED me". When I had my first child I had 7 thriving houseplants- now I am down to two and only because they refuse to die! ;)
I have been reading Reading Lolita in Tehran and like it so far. Warning: it is not an easy read, but is very thoughtful and interesting.

Spunky said...

The timing of your post was hilarious. I just called one of my best friends on the phone. She was out in the garden. She can make a rock turn into a rose. I lamented that I can't grow anything. But I told him I can write a blog. Doesn't that count for something? And then I sit down and click over and see we both share the same gifts. But I have to say that since I began blogging the children are looking a little thin. :)


Chord of Three Strands said...

looks like my brown thumb, LOL.

I cant even get my garden seeds to germinate!

I'm reading some books. They aren't that good,LOL.

Chord of Three Strands said...

ryc- It's Swiss Miss here, LOL
Although I LOVE the add to milk homemade kind, I have a mild milk allergy. swiss Miss seems OK. but I can;t have the hoomemade too often. Ki can only have my homemade though, store bought mixes give him hives.

use a REALLY BIG bowl for the Amish Sugar cookies. it's a big recipe

CMB said...

I posted a comment yesterday, but I guess it did not work. I love the plant you got for Mom's day, and I understand about the hibiscus. I can never keep those alive. I think it is the plant not you. As for reading, I am reading a Crate & Barrel catalog, does that count?

Anonymous said...

Aghk. I just wrote a BOOK for a comment and Blogger LOST it. Forget it. But your post was FUNNY. :)

Jersey Girl said...

Dear Cara, Nice try with the "it's the plant's fault it's dead" comment but, as one who has watched her buy plants each spring and see them die, trust me, it's all her! LOL

Laney said...

If you watched Seinfeld you would know that what I just said is hysterical!!! LOLOL!!!