May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day

This morning we went to watch the Memorial Day Parade with my sister and her husband. The boys love parades and to be honest, so do I. What a wonderful way to celebrate Memorial Day. We spent the rest of the day outside finishing up yardwork and swimming in the pool.

Yesterday we were very busy, Kevin finishing up the deck railing and me vacuuming the pool and trimming the hedges. When I told my sister she said, "You did yardwork?" There is a rumor circulating that I don't do yardwork. It is completely unfounded, I do yardwork, really, I do. My sister exaggerates slightly. She likes to say that I never had to help with outside work when we were growing up but I did help. I could use some back-up, mom! My brother used to say my parents don't have children, they have a landscaping crew!


I have decided to run the marathon. Now I have to submit my application and hope that I get chosen. You are not guaranteed entry unless you have run 10 races with the New York Road Runners Club or you can run the marathon in like two hours, yeeaah, that will happen! It is a big commitment, but I am ready for the challenge.

Last night we watched the movie Elf. The boys received it as a Christmas gift this past December but Kevin and I had never seen it in its entirety. It was very funny. My two new favorite quotes are, "You sit on a throne of lies!" and "You smell like beef and cheese!" You have to see the movie to know why this is so hysterical.

I finished reading The Most Wanted by Jacquelyn Mitchard, it was very good. It is written from the perspective of two different people, I always enjoy books that are written this way. It reminded me of a Mary Higgins Clark book, except it is not a murder mystery. Tomorrow I am making a library run, I will let you know what I find!


CMB said...

What parade did you go to? I never knew there was one around! I missed you guys this weekend. Good luck with the marathon - if you're interested, there is a Spring Lake 5 that is run every Memorial Day weekend - you should enter with me next year. I believe you did yard work, I have to admit, I left that to Steve. I did however clean my butt off inside the house! I did not know you had a pool - that's great!

Chord of Three Strands said...

Have fun with the marathn!

no parades around here

Writing and Living said...

I just starting running. My goal is to run a half marathon in April. I can't wait to peek into your progress. Hope you have time to blog about it!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad we went to the parade together. I love doing fun things with the people I love. It was fun watching your boys watch the trucks and the bands. - Nice try with the yardwork plea. Mom and Dad are so not going to back you up on that one. I am glad about the marathon. You're awesome!!!

RANDI said...

Yeah! I am glad you are going for it! Happy running!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You go, girl!! I'm proud of you for taking this challenge.