May 5, 2005

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Sorry gang, I don't have the energy to be witty or brilliant today. I am drowning here, more like wallowing in self-pity. My day has turned around a bit since reading this poem over at Spunky's. Kudos to you Spunky!!

I am organizing a Science Fair for our co-op and if my dearest mom had not written the program and participation certificates I would probably be in a stupor! Thanks, mommy!!

Sorry to be a party, or more aptly, blog pooper! Hey, I guess I can be witty even in my comprised mental state. :-)


If you are looking for some fun, hop on over to Gina's for a Mother's day quiz and some word association. (By the way, I scored a 38% on the Mother's Day quiz. Egad!!)


Chord of Three Strands said...

about your grade onthe quiz...... you should have studied first.


I hope you get through the science fair in one peice.

I'm dead tired today.


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

We must have missed the same questions, 'cause I only scored 38%. Go figure...with my "mom history" even that is surprising ~~smiles~~.
Loved the poem.
You hang in there, girl!! It's just one of those days. You're doing a terrific job, you are a great Mom, so pat yourself on the back. No more feeling down!

CMB said...

I wish you luck with your science fair, it sounds like fun, but a lot of work. Moms are great for helping - hehe. You're an awesome person - just keep remembering that through out your rough day!

mamabear said...

woo-hoo! i got 50% !!!

Kimberly-you and me both-i am so tired i can't see straight.


Jersey Girl said...

Laney dear, start looking for a "mother's helper" forthwith! I think you're a great mom. I love you.

CMB said...

Thanks for the support! I would love to do a Creative Memories class for you. This is also something that is good for children, so if you ever want me to talk to one of your homeschooling groups, I would be more than happy to. Also, I saw your Mom's comment and I have a number for a great mother's helper if you ever need it. Keep up the great job your doing as a wife, mother and teacher!

Chord of Three Strands said...

Regarding Your Comment- My boys have always been pretty independent, at least in the morning. They wake up and if I’m still asleep, they play until they get hungry then they go to the kitchen and make toast or cereal. I have chronic migraines (used to have 20 BAD days a month). I guess they got used to mommy needed to sleep in on her migraine days.

(and I wrote this in WORD and copy and pasted here, LOL, you scared me with yout blogger backfire)


RANDI said...

How wonderful to have a mom to help you out on a tough day! Hope your day turns out great!

gina said...

i'm a little late~ hope you are having a better day today! If not then (((hugs)))!