May 9, 2005

Science Fair





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A couple of months ago I was at the library and I ran into a girl from our co-op. She was telling me how another homeschool group that she belongs to puts on a yearly science fair and my interest was piqued. I thought about it for the rest of the evening and decided to ask the boys what they thought of the idea of us putting on a science fair. They immediately began to discuss the topics that they wanted to study and the projects that they wanted to create. I am ever amazed at their creativity and focus! This past Saturday was our first science fair! We had a large number of children participate and I was bursting with pride for them and their awesome projects. The other mom's kept thanking me for putting it together but really, the blessing was all mine!

John's area of study was tornados and Jeremy's was dinosaurs. They both worked so hard and we really, really had a fun time organizing all of their information and artwork. I am so proud of them!


Saturday was also Kevin's birthday and my mom offered to babysit while we went out to dinner. We went to this terrific little place where food is made to order and we ate off of the very expensive "Specials" menu! This is not something we do very often but we sure did enjoy it! I ate asparagus!!! That says it all about how wonderful this food is. I had cappucino creme brulee for dessert and I am starting to drool just thinking about how yummy it was!


My mom leaves for Florida tomorrow and although I am sad because I miss her so very much when she is there, I am glad because she will once again be commenting on my blog! Yah!! (that is a not-so-subtle hint) Love you Mommy!!


Chord of Three Strands said...

have fun celebrating dinner~

~*~Delaina~*~ said...

I love their choice of topics for the science fair. My little ones are fascinated with tornados. Dinosaurs are neat too.

Sounds like you had a great evening and meal.

mamabear said...

Have a good trip home, mom!

Glad the Science fair went so well. It doesn't surprise me though, you planned for success, and everyone was so excited about it.

My Justin used to be in love with dinosaurs a few years ago, now he's moved onto planes. But I loved learning about dinosaurs.

Isn't it so nice to get away and have dinner with hubby! I'm glad you had a good time.

have a great day, Laney!

ps-i love asparagus!

Spunky said...

Have fun and nice pictures. BTW I finally added you to my blogroll. :)

Jules said...

My Jeremy is really into dinosaurs and tornadoes right now too! It looks like the science fair was a big success- way to go- give yourself a huge pat on the back. Projects like that usually stop before they even get started at my house! ;)

CMB said...

Congrats on what looks like a successful science fair! The boys must have been so excited to show off their hard work and I am sure Mommy (and Grandmom) were beaming with pride. Happy B'day to Kevin and the dinner sounded wonderful - good for you two!

gina said...

So the Science fair was a success!(i never doubted you) Congratulations- it looks like it all went smashingly. :)
The boys' projects came out great.
Glad you had a nice adult evening out. So your hubby is a Taurus? John is too- May 17th, interesting how much we have in common. :)

Jersey Girl said...

Hello from FL - I arrived very late but safely. I'm looking forward to the latest family news.
Love you all.