June 10, 2005

The South Is Risen Again!!!

Well, we are getting ready to leave today for North Carolina and I thought I would leave you with a big post, ya know, go out with a BANG! I have also decided to "talk" with a drawl today. I would have loved to live in the South before the Civil War, on a big plantation with a huge house with white columns and a porch fit for a ball. We would wear big hoop skirts and hats with vegetables on them and talk about things like fainting spells, coming out parties and folks who are neuvo riche! (I can see it in my mind, Clarke, and it's beautiful)

Yesterday mah darlin' sistah called me in the mornin' and said she was makin' her new favorite meal (chicken with sundried tomatoes) in the crockpot and she was fixin' to whip up some extra for us. She serves it ovah angel haih pasta and it is fabulous! Ahh went up the road a piece to her house to fetch our suppah and when she removed the lid Ahh was ovahwhelmed with the aroma! We stood there like two barbarians eatin' straight out of the slow cookah, angel haih pasta hangin' off our chins. Thank- you kindly, sugah!

Alright, enough of that, it irks me to misspell words and now my spell checker thinks I am completely addled.

Last year we went to North Carolina, this is our third year, and our van broke down. We got stranded there for four extra days and it cost us a small fortune for food, lodging and repairs to the van. We had to vacate the beach house because another family was coming to stay there, so off we went to Wilmington where the van was being repaired.

The old "Southern hospitality"adage is completely true. Everywhere we went, we were treated with kindness, patience and empathy. We sat in Chick-Fil-A for about three hours waiting for news of the van. The boys were playing in the kids play area with some other children and the mother of one of the kids began to talk to me. Small talk at first and then I shared of our plight and how Chick-Fil-A was starting to have a real homey feel to it. She actually gave me her husband's business card and sheepishly told me that they had an extra room that we were welcome to use. A complete stranger! We were really blessed by a lot of people. When we originally broke down we ended up in a daycare parking lot and every single person who went in or out offered us a ride or help. Aside from the breakdown, it was a great trip!

Now, just for fun, there are two movie quotes in this post. Can you name them?

I will be back in a week, my mother will answer any questions or concerns you may have in my absense. She is, after all, the captain of the world!! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! (Family joke)


Anonymous said...

So long fair travelers! I will miss you too much. Leave a key under the mat if Tom and I get desperate. See you when you get back.
I know the quotes - You have to get up pretty early in the morning.. Oh wait you did!

gina said...

your friends visit your blog and do a double take, because they weren't really expecting a third post in 3 days! ;)

I'm guessing "Thank- you kindly, sugah!" because of the whole accent theme- but that could just be you being quirky.
and...(I can see it in my mind, Clarke, and it's beautiful)because otherwise, who's this Clareke you're talking to. But I really have NO IDEA. :)

I feel like I'm in good hands with your mom- she gives good advice!

Dy said...

I did literally LOL when you dropped the accent b/c as I'd been reading, I kept thinking, "This has got to be driving her nuts to type like this!" You did very well, though. I hope you enjoy the gracious southern hospitality, fried foods and make wonderful memories of this year's trip!

Praying for traveling mercies.

Jules said...

I know you're long gone by now, but I wanted to drop in anyway to say that I hope you are having a blast and we can't wait until you come back!

Chord of Three Strands said...

I love the word 'addled'

Maggie Ann said...

Superb southern accent 'in writing'. Enjoyed your post :-)

Jersey Girl said...

Great Post! The Captain of the World?

Spunky said...

Enjoy your trip. But I have to say I like the North.


gina said...

How'd you make out in the lottery for
John didn't get itn . :(

Dy said...

You're still gone? *whine*

I hope you are traveling safely and having a fantastic time! Know you're thought of and prayed for.


RANDI said...

Hi Laney! Just checking in after 2 weeks-looks like you are out visiting too! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

gina said...

This little vacation of yours seems to be lasting FFOORREVVEERRRR!
Hope you are having a blast! (I'm sure you are.)