July 6, 2005

Feeling Creative?

Yesterday I was making dinner and I was putting together the salad. I have had a can of unopened olives in the refrigerator for a while now and I was unsure as to if I should use them. My mom (aka "The Dorito Dealer") was here helping me. So I made her taste one and when no harm befell her, I dumped them into the lettuce. Just kidding, she ate one of her own volition and told me they were fine. Joe was in his highchair and saw that there was eating going on and he became incensed that he was not the one doing the consuming. So we gave him an olive. Dontcha know! The little grasshopper loved it! Roving photographers that we are, caught this action photo!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a clever caption for this photo. I am not very clever because I stayed up waayyy too late last night so the best I can do is:

You can't handle the truth!
Get me some more olives, woman!

I read your blogs, I know how inventive you all are. Give it your best shot. No pressure.


mamabear said...

"Hey you! Ya, I'm talkin' to you, mama!"
-said with a Godfather type accent

ps-my hubby says thank you for the bday wishes

CMB said...

I love his haircut! How about...

Olive You Mommy!

CMB said...

Laney, I hoped over to your Dad's blog and noticed he does videos and DVD's. What does he do to/with them? I have been looking for someone to put my wedding video on DVD. Can he do that?

RANDI said...

Unfortunately, I am not feeling too creative, so the funny caption will not be from me!

Your little guy is SO cute! (You didn't know that did you?) He looks so serious in the parade picture!

Jody said...

Well, before I knew it was an olive I thought "Hey Mom... guess what I have for you!" :)

Laney said...

You girls are the best!

Cara, I never knew you were so *punny*

Mamabear, do you have mafia ties that you aren't telling us about?

Randi, I forgive you, you said my baby is cute, :-)

Jody, nice to see you back!

Donna Boucher said...

"If olive oil comes from olives, where does baby oil come from?"
-Steven Wright

That's all I got :o)


Thank you for commenting and being such a sweetheart!

Writing and Living said...

"E.T. Phone home."

Not that your beautiful baby in any way resembles, E.T., but seeing that olive on his finger made me think of it. That's the best I can do.

midwest_hick said...

Here....Pull on this!!

gina said...

I like Cara Marie's!
This pic made me think of E.T. too. I can't come up with one of my own- my brain is fried- I haven't been able to string 2 creative sentences together in quite some time (thus my lack of blogging...) I did post a cool quiz today though. I'll think about a caption- maybe this will be the jog I need!

Carrie said...

If Laney's Dad can't help you with your wedding video -- my husband can. His business website is www.showmethememories.com if you're interested. But only if Laney's Dad can't or doesn't do it -- I don't want to take business away from him or step on any toes!

Laney said...

Carrie, No worries here!:-)

My dad does do that kind of video transfer but he is extremely busy right now with real estate. Please feel free to contact Cara. She is Boettger on my side bar!

Good Luck!