July 11, 2005

In Which I Bore You With Family Photos

My adorable brother and all of the boys. Joe was not feeling the boat love just then. Jeremy is holding Tom, my sister's little guy.

Me and Tom.

Joe and I. We can be hired out to sit on your yacht and look this fabulous, too!

My boys and I. My brother is in the background preparing our lunch. Oh, cabin boy! Bring me my burger please!

John driving the tender. Uncle Jon holding his hat on his head.

Oh! My hair! Wind. Stop. Now.
Joe is waving at some cute babes. Get it? Babes? Babies??

Jeremy driving. Uncle Jon saying, "That big thing is the bridge, you might want to stay away from that."

The albatross that was racing with us. Yes, I mean racing! He caught up to us and passed us. Laurie thought he was going to attack us.

Last week we met my brother in Long Island at the marina where the boat he works on is docked. We had a great time visiting and lounging around! The kids were thrilled to drive the little tender and my brother loved teaching them the finer points of boating. We like to say, when Uncle Jon is around, something fun always happens!


Laurie said...

What no picture of me?? Don't hate me because I am beautiful.....Just kidding! Really loved seeing your pictures. Thanks for including my little star. Love you!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day. Lucky you, lounging on the boat. The boys are adorable, as usual, including Tom. Such cuties. Yeh, where is Laurie???
No one would ever guess that you have had 3 babies. You are just gorgeous...& a beautiful spirit to boot.

mamabear said...

If I might say so Laney, you are one drop dead gorgeous babe! Your husband is one lucky guy! Wish I looked as good as you.

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time out on the boat.


RANDI said...

Great pictures, Laney!

Jules said...

I have to agree with Dawn- you look simply mahvelous dahling! ;) I love the cabin boy comment- I hope you really said it out loud to him!

By the way- your sister and your brother are also gorgeous.
Could we stop with the beautiful people already? Geesh... ;)

Donna Boucher said...

And the winner of Most Beautiful Blogger goes to....


No kidding!

You look fabulous and in white pants, no less!

Your sister is fab too!

gina said...

What fun!

As soon as I own a yacht, I will hire you- you look great!

Your sibs are looking good too- your brother is a hottie , if I dare say.

Jess said...

Ok were you a cheerleader in high school? ;-) You are beautiful Laney! And so is your sister. And your brother, well, he is a babe as well.

Beautiful family!

CMB said...

WOW! You all look like you had a great time. I agree with everyone you and Laurie are gorgeous and your brother is a hottie! Thank you for sharing your pix.

Dy said...

All those precious little boys! So sweet!! It looks like it was such fun. I'm glad you shared pictures.

Is there, um, any way to look like that without, you know, running...? *looking hopeful*

I love the pics!

PariSarah said...

What wonderful pics!! Looks like y'all were having a great time!