August 20, 2005

Onward and Upward

I just re-read my post from yesterday. Can you say "doom and gloom?" Sheesh!

One thing about Kevin and I, we may get kicked, but we don't stay down for long. We are both feeling better today and a good night's sleep has helped us to gain some perspective. Kevin called me on his way home from work around 4:00 yesterday and said be ready to go out to dinner. We headed over to Jose Tejas, good ole Tex-Mex, the cure for what ails you.

We did a lot of talking last night and we came to a lot of conclusions, the first being the most obvious, there is something better than we can imagine waiting for us. The other thing that Kevin keeps coming back to is, there may be something in the future that we need to be here for, but whatever the reason, it is well with our souls. We still believe that we will end up in North Carolina someday, just not right now. I feel sad but I don't feel hopeless.

I failed to relay the conversation that Kevin had with the recruiter. As I mentioned previously, he knows her and her family from when they were kids. I was just getting out of the shower when she called. She asked if Kevin was home, I told her he was at work and she said she would catch him on his cell phone, she also left her number with me, just in case she didn't get Kevin. I knew the next call would be from Kevin and I was feeling, I guess, weird would be the only way to describe it. Butterflies in the stomach and like I wanted to barf, kind of how I felt when I met Kevin. (hehe) You know that nervous feeling that comes over you when you are faced with a situation that could go either way.

I began to blowdry my hair and the next thing I knew, Laurie was standing in my bathroom doorway. She had come back from her doctor's appointment to pick up Tom, whom we were watching for her. (I have to interrupt myself here and say what a peach that baby is!! We just love him.) I told her that The Lady just called and now she looked like she was going to barf. I was so glad that she was there for moral support. Kevin called five minutes later and delivered the bad news, he did say that the conversation went really well though. The Lady said he was in the top three, he gave a great interview and that there was some restructuring going on and they would be hiring again in about three weeks. She told him not to be discouraged and that she would keep him in the loop. Kevin felt very encouraged because she sounded so sincere and he had the feeling that she would have given him the job, but it was not solely her decision. She gave us her direct line and told Kevin to call her if he had any questions. She didn't give him the bum's rush and she patiently answered his questions. All in all , he said it was a good conversation, except for the part about not getting the job.

What I said the other day still holds true, I will not worry, I will be at peace!

Thank-you all for your support! You ladies are the best!


Meg said...

I'm so glad to hear the "positiveness" exuding from your blog! I know that you and Kevin are sad and disappointed, but not discouraged! Bless you! That's a good point that you might have to stay in this area for a little while longer for some reason. If only to still be my NJ friend instead of my NC IS all about ME right??? (He he)We love you Gardners!

Jess said...

Oh Laney I just KNOW great things are going to happen to you guys (even more than they already are). Not just because that's what God wants but because you and Kevin are *letting* Him. ;-) Not to say God won't have His way anyway but you konw what I mean, you're not fighting against Him. That is wonderful. You guys are such an inspiration! :-)


Jules said...

I think after what happened you are allowed a little "doom and gloom"! That's what we're here for! ;)

I am glad that you are able to see the positive side of this, or at least the possibility of God revealing a positive side to you someday. It is also encouraging that The Lady was so nice about everything.

You and Kevin are handling this so well. Thanks for the great example!

Maggie Ann said...

Just stopping by....I'm glad to hear that you have the peace that only Jesus can give.

Jersey Girl said...

Oh, Laney, I am so glad you and Kevin are handling this situation in such a positive way. I feel at peace after reading this account of your family's godly optimism.
Besides, you are very resilient, you always bounce back!
May the Lord arm you and Kevin with His strength. Amen.
I love you.

Laurie said...

I love you guys!!! I was so sad for you yesterday but I know God has something so great for you. You two are awesome and deserve only the best. I believe that is what you are going to get!!

RANDI said...

I am a little late in the conversation, but glad that you are feeling better! At the end of all of this, you and your family will be able look back and see all of the blessings that God gave through this! In hindsight, God's hand is usually more obvious-things tend to make more sense!

Jess said...

I've been patient. I can't wait any longer. Time to blog lady! ;-)

gina said...

I'm extremely late, but I 'm glad you are feeling better. :)