September 15, 2005

Better Late Than Never

At Laurie's house just before we left for the city, me, mom and Laurie.

At O'Lunney's Times Square Pub where we ate everything we could get our hands on... and then some!

With the help of my mother, I finally figured out how to locate where the pictures were being sent and how to get them to Picasa. Honestly, sometimes technology makes me want to scream.

We are back in school and getting a lot accomplished. I bought the Apologia Astronomy book and the kids are loving it, I must confess, I am, too. (Did I just use too many commas?) The book is so well done and we are actually doing the suggested notebooking. I am not really a suggestion follower, I consider myself a notebook maverick. If you tell me to notebook, chances are, I won't. If you say, notebooking is not required, I will probably do it. Can you say "issues?" Seriously, I could not be happier with this curriculum and to add the cherry to the top of the science sundae, there are three other girls from my co-op doing the same book. We have planned field trips and set dates to do experiments together, I am really excited and the kids have caught the fever!

Yesterday, I called Rod and Staff to place my grammar order and I received a pleasant piece of news. The lady on the phone asked me for my name and address, I gave it to her. Silence for a second, then, Mrs. Laney, do you know that you have a credit of $22? No, I said, I do? Yes, she said, would you like to apply it to today's order? You betcha, Rod and Staff order lady, please do apply my credit to this order. Wow! Grammar for the year for $9, what a bargain!!!

Everything was going so well until the mail came, bringing with it Kevin's paystub. I was planning on this being a joyous occasion, not weeping and gnashing of teeth! Let me just say, taxes are evil, evil, evil!!!

This concludes our blogcast day, please tune in tomorrow!


Donna Boucher said...

You ladies are beautiful!!!

RANDI said...

Fun pics, Laney!

I started using Apologia astromony this year too. I love it and I just learned today where the nothern lights come from! I love homeschooling-it is an education for me too!

Writing and Living said...

Great pictures.

Now, you just have to move to Missouri and become my running partner (Theodore and I are midwesterners to the core. I don't think you'd get us to move east).

I'm going to order Apologia's Creatures of the Fifth Day soon, because we're blowing through our other science.

Jess said...

Your mom is adorable! I knew she'd have to be with such beautiful children. All 3 of you look great and like you're having a blast! :-)

Jules said...

Oh wow. You are such beautiful ladies! Thanks for the pictures!

I am glad you got such an unexpected deal on your R&S order! Don't you love when things like that happen?

I think your notebook "issues" are funny- because I am the same way! But not only with notebooking- with everything. If you tell me to do it a certain way, I probably won't. If you tell me not to do it another way, I probably will! Pretty near drove my mother nuts! ;)

Enjoy your order when it comes!

Maggie Ann said...

What a great picture of the three of you. Perfect figures! and I can just imagine the fun you have together. Your Mom is a rich lady to have two wonderful daughters! Loved the expresssions you use, like 'science sundae'. And....most of us would agree taxes are evil. And they keep increasing, oh well, the Lord knows all about it, not to worry.

Dy said...

Wow, those are great pictures. It looks like such fun!

My VP order should be in tomorrow. I'm trembling with excitement!! It's really quite sad, but I can't stop grinning. Now, to have a credit hiding somewhere handy... hmmm, that's like finding a twenty in your coat pocket!