September 11, 2005

Broadway and Babies

Kevin is on his way home, woo-hoo! He is somewhere in the south right now, driving a big 'ole bucket truck at the break neck speed of 50 mph! The trucks are really not able to haul bootie the way a regular vehicle can, but they do the job, gettin' my hubby home!

Friday night Laurie, my mom and I went into the city to see The Producers, it was fabulous, hilarious and downright fun! (If you click the link, make sure you have your volume up) Before the show we had dinner at this terrific little place called O'Lunney's. Traditional Irish fare, reasonable prices and terrific service. I was going to link you to it, but I didn't like the food critic's critique, so he gets no traffic from me! That'll fix his wagon, I'm sure he really cares about what some housewife blogger in Jersey thinks. Anyway, we had a wonderful time, Manhattan is simply one of my favorite places to visit.

I was going to post some pictures but my camera, my new camera, does not work. Grrrr. I thought it was me, but no, it is the camera. So now I have to take it back and get a new one and then you shall see the aforemetioned photos!


Today Laurie and her husband had Tom dedicated at her church. He is just the most delicious little boy, I am biased, but seriously, he is cute! We went for some grub afterward and that, too, was delicious. Today is also her birthday, so we had a little celebration for her. I bought her a Crib Chick shirt and I thought it was so adorable that I bought one for myself! Thanks, Crib Chick! Again, once I get my new camera, I will post pictures.


On this September 11, 2005, hug your loved ones extra tight and pray for those who mourn so deeply for their loved ones.

God Bless America!


Kevin said...

still homeward bound and resting in christianville va.---the trucks are slow going up hill but I am having a hard time figuring out the bootie factor. I think you multiply the number of booties by the actual size of the booties being transported.---anyway, I'm tired and I need to rest ---well---my bootie.---I don't think my wife will be using the word bootie in her blog again any time soon.---THANKS Y'ALL---Kevin

Maggie Ann said...

May God Bless America indeed and heal the broken hearted.

Jess said...

Oh my, I am LOL'ing at you and Kevin! I'll have to e-mail you something...hehe

Today I think I blocked out the date for the most part. My TV was off, I didn't listen to anything on the radio. I'm blessed in that I *can* block it out, none of our loved ones were hurt miraculously. But I did pray last night, and I will again tonight for the ones that did lose loved ones. So many of *our* loved ones lost loved ones. *sigh*

ON a lighter note, congratulations on baby Toms dedication, how sweet! And I'm looking forward to the pics. I'm SO jealous that you got to eat Irish food. We invite our friends over here for St. Patricks day. Most of them have never heard of Corn Beef & Irish Soda Bread. ;-)


Carrie said...

So glad Kevin is safe and on his way home to you and the boys.

Dy said...

Something about babies that renews our hope. I was telling my brother today that I think God sends us children so that we can glimpse a tangible sense of hope and renewal that He wants us to see everyday. They're the magic for our hearts, aren't they?

Kiss those babies! Always, always! And you get an automatic note from the blog fairy:

Laney is excused from blogging once Kevin is home so that they can sort out the bootie hauling and, um, do laundry...

Have a blessed week! I'm so excited for you.

Laney said...

LOL, Dy!! Yes, I am sure we will have a lot of laundry to do! *snort*

CMB said...

Welcome Home (almost) Kevin! That is SO nice that you went to NY - what a great idea! Happy B'Day Laurie! Sorry I missed the dedication - I was doing a CM class.

Jules said...

LOL!! Laundry? Is that what they're calling it now? ;)

I hope Kevin is home safe with you by now and I am glad you had a good time in the city.

Don't take too long of a blogging break girlie! The laundry can wait... can't it? ;)