November 16, 2005

Does It Never End?

So we're still waiting to hear, and then, there's this...

Ah, life is good.

Another item offered to the toilet gods, at least it wasn't pee water. Incidentally, Joe did this when I was making the bed. The phone was in the bathroom because the bathroom is the only place where a few moments of peace and quiet can be found. Not so much with the peace and quiet anymore.

And the phone, you ask?

The phone, she is no more.


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Gotta love that boy!! but what oh what (??) are you going to do to protect things from being offered up (or should I say down) to the Toliet Gods????
Hope the call comes soon with the news you want & that God wants you to have. I'm praying!!

Dy said...

Ah... nothing like a good refuse offering to start the day off right!


Thom said...

Ok, I seriously LOL'd at that picture! and the "at least it wasn't pee water" remark---BWHAHAHA!

Well, hey, at least he couldn't actually FLUSH it, right? :0)

Will the toilet gods EVER be
appeased, I ask??

Jess said...

ROFL we lost a phone this way too a few kids back. ;-)

I think for Christmas I'm buying "y'all" a toilet lid lock. And those magic markers that only write on the Crayola paper...LOL

Blair said...

I saw your feedback on Thom's blog today and laughed pretty hard. Thought I'd check out your blog. That toilet pic is funny too! I sooo can relate to being glad it wasn't pee water lol!

Also, we know what it's like waiting to hear about an interview. I hope you hear soon.

momyblogR said...

Joey baby, what are you doing? Please lighten up on the bowl situation or your Mommy will have to have a Porta Potty delivered to the house.

Love the picture.

Jules said...

LOL!! I got a great giggle out of this one!

It's always good to know that sometime, somewhere, someone else is dealing with the same old toddler- related fixations. We are never alone in our mothering trials! Could you form a coast-to coast support group for mothers of toilet worshipping children? ;)
Have fun picking out a new phone! ;)

Maggie Ann said...

Thats one 'ringer' that went to an early grave. *smile*

melissa in VA said...

Ya know......I think that waiting for a job offer, and dealing with a toddlers fixation for throwing things in the toilet, ranks right up there with trash removal and mouth surgery. I sure hope that call comes soon! Hang in there!