November 4, 2005

Friday? Already?

I meant to blog yesterday, but the day just ran away from me, I never even made it in the shower.

Yesterday, Laurie and I did a little Christmas shopping. We are both determined to be done early so we can enjoy the season and not engage in mall fights over the last size medium blue sweater. So far, we are doing well and all I can say about that is, God bless catalog shopping!

So after lunch, we headed out to one of our Christmas extravaganza stops, A.C.Moore. We have the most awesome gift for my mother, but I can't reveal the gift because she reads my blog. If you are so nosey, like me, and simply have to know what it is, e-mail me.

As we were paruzing the aisles, I took something out of Laurie's shopping cart, and it was covered in glitter! Some other shopper obviously purchased something covered in that evil substance and left it's essence all over the cart. O, glitter, bane of my existence! The thing about glitter is, once it's on you, it never.goes.away...ever.

Last night if you looked out your window toward the east and saw something shining, chances are it was me and not the north star. (Yes, I am well aware that the north star is not east, but it got me the laugh, right?)

I can't be sure, because I have never been there, but I am almost positive that the walls in hell are covered in glitter.


Kevin received a call yesterday morning from a girl from Progress wanting to schedule a phone interview, they set the date for Monday the 14th at 8:30 a.m. We are hopeful but we are not getting all worked up about it. The last time he had an interview, we were so sure he was going to get the job and then he didn't. I'm sure you all remember our bitter disappointment over that. We have both decided that we will keep praying and let God open the door, it's so much more peaceful that way!


Jeremy and I are having a great time together, the attitude of school is so relaxed and fun, I almost feel guilty. John is still enjoying school and doesn't complain about not being here with us. School has a different feel now because Jeremy is completely different from John, in a good way. I think he feels less pressure to do what John is doing and is content being where he is. I am so glad we made the decision to bring him home.

The other thing that has been so nice is Kevin working this trouble shift. He works twelve hour days, but the way the schedule is, he only works fourteen shifts a month. He and Jeremy have had some terrific bonding time. When John is here, he willing works with Kevin and Jeremy, although he wants to help, often gets in the way of the "man work." Now, Kevin is really taking the time to teach Jeremy and let Jeremy take the lead. It has been a joy to see and secretly listen (read eavesdrop) on their conversations. Kevin said yesterday that he was really enjoying this one-on-one time with Jeremy.

Gotta are hungry!


Jess said...

Wow, despite the evil glitter, things sound like they are going SO well right now. ;-)

I'll keep praying about the job and YES, e-mail me your moms present! Just so I can say "neener, neener, I know what you're getting"...LOL so j/k! I'm just nosey. ;-)

RANDI said...

My littlest one recently discovered glitter glue. Somehow the glitter escapes the glue and sticks to everything-mostly her. When my older girls were younger they loved crafting with glitter (the pour kind) but I just won't buy it for Aubry-that either makes me smart or mean, I am not sure which one!

Glad to here that things are working out well for you all!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Gitter is least according to my Mom. She absolutely hates the stuff 'cause it clings to her...& the furniture. Imagine a very tiny, very shiny older woman. That's my Mom. I think you may be right about the walls in Hell.

melissa in VA said...

So glad that the school thing is working out for you guys. It sounds like it was just the thing! Best of luck with the job interview!

momyblogR said...

OK, if you didn't even make it in the shower, your day is running entirely TOO fast. LOL!

Glitter SUCKS and sadly enough is the reason my four year old daughter lives and breathes. UGH!

momyblogR said...

LOL! I'm afraid you might stuggle a little bit if you ever get stranded there. You missed 2,4,6 and 7. I think you would survive but it wouldn't be pretty, I mean with a 60% ability to communicate and all.

Thanks so much for playing. We have a lovely parting gift you can pick up at the door. Ha ha!!

Have great weekend.


Dy said...

No guilt for you!! Go! Enjoy!

I'm SO praying for the job interview, it isn't even funny. I'm sure God is looking down and thinking, 'Yeah, yeah, I heard you. Shut up and hammer, will ya?'

Medium? Size MEDIUM? Gahhhh, you suck. I'm off to hit the thrift store for more men's size XL sweaters to get me through this winter. Meanwhile, I have box upon box (...upon box... *ahem*) of wonderful sweaters (my one addiction after coffee) that are useless to me this year! *sigh* But Christmas shopping? *pfft* Yeah, can I hire you to come shop for me this year? Please?

Enjoy your weekend!

Laney said...


A professional shopper, my dream job, spending someone else's money!