November 13, 2005

O Blogger Where Art Thou?

Don't worry, I'm alive!

The weekend flew by for us here at casa de Waiting for the Interview. Friday night we had company for dinner, some friends of ours from church. Kevin requested my new chicken enchilada recipe and I made cornbread to go along with it. Yummy! We gorged ourselves on dinner and had chocolate pudding pie for dessert, your basic calorie fest.

Saturday we had a garage sale, "we" being Laurie and me. We have been trying to have a garage sale for about 6 weeks now, but the weather and our schedules have been working against us. This weekend we were determined and, darn it, we did it!

To say that our efforts were successful is an overstatement. We rushed to get set up. We moved a huge piece of plywood onto four garbage cans for stability, lest we have a nasty tipping/wood/splinter episode and arranged the crap we were hoping to unload, ever so carefully on our makeshift display table. We priced our items while playing our Dale Carnegie tapes for motivation. I must say, we did a spectacular job. We stood outside, in multiple layers of clothing, coffee steaming in our cold hands, and waited excitedly for the early birds. We waited, and waited, and waited. And we waited some more. They never came.

All we got were a bunch of senior citizens walking their dogs. They did stop to talk about how cute our children are though. Yes, we know our boys are beautiful. Are you gonna buy something or not? Just in case you're wondering, I didn't say that. (Laurie did.)

I was selling a recliner and two bean bags. (If you see my children and they ask you about the bean bags, tell them you know nothing about the bean bags. And especially don't tell them that I sold the annoying bags 'o beans for one dollar each.) Around 10 a.m., Laurie and I were feeling sleepy and the seating strewn about her driveway was calling our names. She flopped on the recliner and I mushed onto the bean bags, they were quite warm from sitting in the sun. We were just getting comfy when, you guessed it, cars pulled up.

We rallied for a while, but lets just say that $17.75 is not worth sitting out in the cold for 5 hours. We did have fun and as always, we laughed a lot. Laurie is like Jell-O, she makes everything more fun!

Today we went to church and decided to hit the diner for some lunch, it's always great when I don't have to cook on Sunday. I went Christmas shopping and did really well. Last year we decided to scale back on Christmas and it went over pretty well. The boys receive so many gifts during the holidays and they just get overwhelmed. We decided to get them five or six things that they really expressed a desire to have and we had a great Christmas morning. We shifted the emphasis to giving gifts instead of receiving gifts by giving to our church and prison ministries. I included the boys in the purchasing and wrapping of the gifts and they were thrilled to be able to give to others who could not give back to them. I want them to understand what the spirit of Christmas is all about.

Tomorrow, at 8 a.m., is Kevin's interview. To say that we are excited is like saying that the Pope is Catholic. We are hoping that he has an answer tomorrow. Neither of us are very patient and we really get on each other's nerves when we have to wait. So for the sake of peace in our home, we hope we know tomorrow.

As always, I will keep y'all posted!


Carrie said...


Dy said...

ACK! Praying right now!!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Prayer sent up!!!
I LOVE what you are doing for Christmas. I have long expounded on the "True" meaning of the Season, & except for a couple of gifts for the grands have vetoed all gift giving extravaganzes that involve reciprocating.
Blessed be...

CMB said...

Good luck to both of you! Sorry about your garage sale, if I was in town I would have stopped by!

RANDI said...

I will be praying for you both!

Jess said...

We do 3 gifts each (think wisemen) and one big combined gift. Christmas Eve we have them open new PJ's We're doing Operation Christmas Child this year and I've explained both Toys for Tots and the Angel Tree to them. They'd rather do the Angel Tree so the kids have a say in what they get they said. So, we'll do that.

I hope everything went well this morning, keep us posted!!! I know I"m late but I prayed anyway...

Jules said...

Praying for good interviewing vibes!

I know what you mean about Christmas. We try to scale back every year- and are trying to get down to the three gifts thing a la three wisemen. I will do it one of these years!

You are so brave to do a garage sale! I did one with my sisters three summers ago and made mega money- around $600- that was just my share. Two years ago we did it again and we each made around $70. I swore I would never do that again! It is too hit or miss for me to put in all the work. ;)

Keep us posted on the job!

Dy said...

WTH?!?! It's after midnight MY TIME, so it's TOMORROW your time... and there's no update. And I'm just supposed to go to BED?!?