November 28, 2005

Say it With Photos

These pictures tell the story of what I have been doing for the past five days that I have been absent from the blogosphere.

Here we have Joe. Straight from his toilet antics to the equally as annoying, but with significantly less moisture, drums. He is a handsome drummer boy and I must say, the boy got rhythm, baby! He gets that from me, his mother. I have the rhythm, Kevin has the blues. Why does he have the blues you ask? Because we are still waiting!! That's right gang, we still do not know if he is going to get that job. Here is a bonus, we had a Russian couple look at our house last night and give us an offer pretty close to what we are asking for our house. We put the For Sale by Owner sign out two weeks ago and we received a lot of calls. Boris and Natasha (not their real names) are serious buyers. This could be so great if only Progress would call. CALL.NOW!!! PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!!

Apparently, waiting is exhausting for both young and old alike.

Kevin was home all last week, hence my reason for not blogging or doing the rounds. I got sucked into the husband vortex and lost all sense of time and purpose. John had a short week of school last week and we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. We had a wonderful day, just wonderful! I don't have pictures of the boys from Thanksgiving, but I will give you a mental image.

My aunt, whose house we were at, recently put in a hot tub. She called me and told me to have the boys bring their bathing suits, that they would be able to go into the hot tub. My children are now spoiled for any tub smaller than a Cadillac. The boys, along with their two cousins, were in the hot tub for 2 hours. At one point, Jeremy got out of the hot tub to get some water and we could hear the other boys yelling, "Jeremy, you're smoking!" His body was so hot and the thermometer outside was reading, freakin' freezing, that his body was literally giving off steam. What fun!

Of course, we all had to do our Saturday Night Live, James Brown's Hot Tub Party imitations. See what too much turkey can do to you? OW! It's hot in the hot tub!

Alright, what's next...

Oh yes, Kevin and I were going to go out one night and this is how my parents showed up to babysit!

Just kidding, they went to a murder mystery dinner party. My mother was a flapper and my dad was a high roller. They are the hottest couple I know!

And finally, Christmaswrapalooza 2005! Yes, I have successfully managed to get all of my gifts wrapped and put back up into the attic. Actually, that's a half truth, the boys gifts aren't wrapped. I wait until Kevin is home to help me so he can have the extremely laborious job of handing me tape off of the roll.

The final finally, I have a stiff neck and have had it since Saturday morning. I can barely move my head to the right or to the left, nor can I put my head back in the shower to wash my hair. I am one step away from becoming an owl because when I need to look to the side, I have to move my entire torso. The chiropractor is my next stop!

O.K. this is too funny not to blog. I just spell checked and you will never guess what the suggested correct word for "freakin'" was... foreskin. I don't know wheather to laugh or vomit!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

That is too funny!! Ya just gotta love spell check. I have not figured out their system. I'll be laughing about this all afternoon.
Your folks are just way COOL!!! What a gorgeous couple.
Hope you hear something today.
Prayers still going up.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the chuckles! Praying for the job situation....

Jess said...


Your parents are definately the hottest couple in town!

I'm also ROFL at your choice of Russian names, "Boris & Natasha" bwahahaha!

I hope everything goes great Laney and yes, despite my bearish attitude lately (see my blog) I am still praying! I don't know if that will hurt or help you at this point though...LOL

Michele said...

ROTFL - "foreskin". Rob thinks I'm nuts as he's sitting across the room from me while I'm hysterical! Eventually I'll share the funny with him. For now I'll just let him wonder!

CMB said...

Happy Thanksgiving Laney! I love the pics. Your parents are so adorable. I am still praying for you all and good luck with the Russian buyers - sounds awesome.

momyblogR said...

How FUNNY. I've gotten the "Freakin' - Foreskin" before too, lol! Man oh man, what is THAT?

Finally, I know what it is. It's the husband vortex. I swear I get sucked into it every time Honey is home. I get so outta whack, it's horrible.

The folk Rock! A flapper and a high roller, what get ups.

Oh btw, on one your last couple of posts you used the word nosh. For that I LOVE you. That is such a Northeastern word. I use here were I am and NOT ONE person has any idea what I'm saying. Still I say it ALL the time. LOL!

Jules said...

Foreskin? ROFLMBO!!

I just loooove the picture of your parents. What a great couple! I hope one of them wasn't the victim at the murder party! That would be a waste of a great outfit! ;)

RANDI said...

Joe the drummer is too cute--as usual!

I can't believe you are already wrapping gifts! I usually beg my girls to do that--I really dislike it!

Foreskin??? Too Funny!

Jess said...

OK I'm checking back like 5 times a day. I'm as impatient as you. ;-)

Still praying...