December 26, 2005

Christmas Recap

Here are some pictures for Dy, who was quite miffed that I didn't do this yesterday. *grin* Welcome back to Dy, as well! I missed you!

No, he didn't see a deer, he is just really happy to have the remote control motor cycles that were on his Christmas list.

That nifty little package is batteries, God bless the folks who include batteries with their gifts. I really detest running out to Wawa, in my jammies, on Christmas morning for batteries. Yes, I know what you're thinking, get the batteries before Christmas, you knucklehead. Next year, I will do that.

John, opening his grab bag gift from his cousin, Daniel.

No Christmas is complete without caution tape and traffic cones. That lovely lady on the right is my aunt Sheri, her son, John's cousin, picked John in the grab bag and she remarked how funny it was to do her Christmas shopping at Home Depot.

Christmas morning. If it says Tonka you can pretty much guarantee it will be a hit!

The Playmobile Pirate Ship, Part One.

Joe, opening the Little Tykes tool bench that I so lovingly picked out for him. Did he jump for joy? Nay. He is not your run of the mill almost two year old. He has played with the boys big toys for so long that he looks down on baby toys, a Little Tykes snob, if you will.

The Playmobile Pirate Ship, Part Two. Kevin absolutely refuses to help me, or rather, he will help me, but then we have to duck the flying tools. He really has very little patience for putting the kids toys together. That's not to disparage him at all, the man just knows his limits. After the toys are together, the boys (dad included) will play for hours. After I have put the toys together, I am no longer allowed to join in the play. I get demoted from the World's Greatest Toy Putter Together to She Who Serves the Food and Beverage.

How cool am I?

Grandpa and Joe-Joe.

My two favorite John's!

I'm just so happy to have this sweatshirt.

Hiding from the dinosaurs.

The cutest nephew in the world. This baby was surrounded by toys but chose to gnaw on the Sex Wax for the skim boards. It's Christmas, do what makes you happy, sweetie!

It isn't Christmas until Grandma cries. The gift from Laurie and I was two pictures of the four boys, they were just beautiful and she was very happy.

We had a wonderful Christmas aside from the boys all being sick. On Christmas Eve, Joe had a fever and he was leaking from every orifice on his face. On Christmas Day, he was hoarse from a cough and was doing Demi Moore impressions. He was a trooper, though and is feeling much better today.

I didn't get a Whisper Mill, but I did get an awesome mixer, a fabulous pair of boots, two cookbooks and a spice rack. Kevin got me a scanner for the computer AND he even set it up! Bonus points for that guy!!!

If you have made it this far, you deserve a medal!

Look to the finish!


momyblogR said...

What fabulous pictures. Everyone looks like they had a great day. And you're right, you just haven't gotten there if Mom isn't crying. LOL!

You rock Mom, putting the toys together and I agree about the people that include less thing to worry about.

Jess said...

That is just too sweet Laney, I loved the pictures!!!

BTW, thanks again for the outfit, I took pictures of him in it for you which I'll post sometime this

Hugs - what a wonderful family you have - and you're all so darn good looking too! ;-)

Jess (who's very glad her dad was here to put the toys together this year!)

Dy said...

Oh YAY! I got pics up, too, but they're nowhere near as focused and well-lit as yours. These are gorgeous!!! THANK YOU!!!

I can go to bed happy now that I've had my adorable little guy fix. :-)

mindy said...

I need you to send me the directions to one of those Playmobile pirate ships because I got one at a garage sale this summer and saved it for Christmas (how cheap am I?) but we aren't totally sure how to put it all together. I think there are a couple missing pieces. But, hey, my kids are thrilled and so is Daddy (that is only cost 5 bucks! :-)) Your family is beautiful....and I put the toys together too....and serve the food! I'm glad you had a great day!

Jody said...

Look at all the goodies! It looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

Donna Boucher said...

Knowing your penchant for neatness....does all the Christmas mess drive you crazy?

It looks like you had a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing it with us :o)

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