December 10, 2005

Saturday (How Original)

Reason #465723 why I think my husband is absolutely adorable: he is a RockStahhh!!

We bought Jeremy an electric guitar for his birthday this past October and he has played with it frequently since then. He wants to take lessons, but he's only six and it's hard to come by guitar teachers for six year olds for a number of reasons. The main reason being, their hands are so small that it is difficult to teach them the chords and proper holding techniques. Jeremy is quite tenacious and refuses to give up, so tonight Kevin got his acoustic guitar out and then they put on some Audio Adrenaline, The Kry and John Reuben and began to rock out. He is going to work with him from now on to impart his knowledge of rockstardom guitar chords to Jeremy. One of Jeremy's greatest qualities is his intense desire to succeed at the things he has a lot of interest in. I know in my heart that one day, he will be a talented guitar player.

And here are my little snowmen! Only about five inches of snow, but enough fun to last for hours!

In the background is my gas guzzling SUV that afforded me the opportunity to be the first person in Toys R Us yesterday morning. I was waiting for them to open the doors, not because I had to shop, but because I had an item to return. I was the only person in the store, well, besides Keith, the customer service cashier, who, I might add, was extremely chipper for having to go to work in a snow storm. Rock on, Toys R Us cashier!

I have never been afraid to drive in the snow, and having a four wheel drive vehicle makes it even better. Driving the Tahoe is like operating a military tank, the only thing I was missing was a gunner on the roof.

Alright, Joe found the crazy glue and has glued his shirt to his arm and I hear Smoke on the Water coming from upstairs! Does it never end??? Life is funny, especially here!


mamabear said...

Love that! ...a gunner on the roof...
I want one of those on top of the roof of my Tahoe too!!! Especially after yesterday. Long story.

Bring on the rock stars!

momyblogR said...

Rock ON baby! Smoke on the Water? What a blast from the past, lol.

Yes, I too would LOVE a gunner on the top of my Suburban. Wouldn't help much with my road rage though, LOL!!

Stay warm.

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

I just LOVE your family!! You are a very blessed woman.
Merry Christmas!!

CMB said...

How adorable! Kevin looks very '80s rock n roll. The first and only one in TRU? That is amazing. You are an inspiration.

Jody said...

Rock on! We had inches of snow- but it is melting now. Not to worry though- they say we'll get more this week!

Gotta love 4WD SUV. I just feel safer in it with the little one. And in Iowa we can get 85% ethanol- about 20 cents per gallon cheaper and not a huge difference in MPG. :)

Jules said...

Laney- your Jeremy and mine sound so much alike. Mine got a guitar for Christmas last year and is bound and determined that he will learn to play it. It seems to be his passion right now. Since I know nothing about guitar playing, I have to rely on a do-it-yourself CD and book that he will get under the tree this year.

I am glad you have snow! We only have a little bit still on the ground- there's nothing better than sitting at home under a cozt blanket watching the snowflakes fly.