December 21, 2005

She Put Jim Carrey to Shame


I'm ready for my close-up, Mr.Deville.

So. This is what we made today, snowmen extraordinaire for John's Christmas breakfast tomorrow morning.

They are not hard to make, just very time consuming and messy. You bake regular size cupcakes for the bottom and then you have to bake mini cupcakes in a mini (obviously) muffin tin. The head is a large marshmallow, pretzel sticks for arms and mini Reese's P.B. cups for the hat. His scarf is made out of a fruit roll up and you use a black Dec-A-Cake pen for the face.

This is the third timeI have made them, the only difference is, I had a lot of help this time. Jeremy was my pretzel arm guy and John was my hat and scarf guy. I did all of the icing myself because I am not the fun, let's get icing everywhere mom.

I also had some errands to run today and I am pretty sure that the lady in A&P was trying to steal my Christmas joy. I only had 9 items so I jumped into the express lane. There were three people in front of me so I knew I had a moment to read. Well, the cashier was a lot more efficient than I originally thought, and before I knew it, it was my turn.

Because I had not yet put my items on the belt, the lady behind me began to smack her lips and tap her foot at my seeming lack of disregard for grocery store line protocol. So I began to rush for fear of being chastised by the Grinch behind me. The next thing I hear is:

Grinch:Excuse me, you should have had your items on there already.

Me: Oookkkaayyy.

Grinch: I'm in a rush.

Me: Do you want to go in front of me?

Grinch: No.

Me: Do you want to keep yelling at me?

Grinch: I wasn't yelling.

Me: Well you're clearly not happy with me.

Grinch: I just think you should have been paying attention.

(In my mind: I was reading a quality piece of literature lady. (Alright, it was The Star magazine))

Me: Sorry.

Grinch: grumph

I was very proud of myself for not beating her about the head and neck with The Star my quality literature.

Look to the finish!


CMB said...

How adorable! You are awesome. I go to the A&P also and so do a lot of snotty people. I have had similar experiences. Just know you are always the better person.

Hillary said...


You did NOT say that! Did you?

Good for you! I wish I'd been there to see it.


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Rock on!!! I think I would have also wished her a Merry Christmas very sweetly, smiling through my teeth as I stomped her instep (~smiles~).
Seriously, she was having a crappy day-glad you didn't let her ruin yours.
You just slay me!!

Denise said...

These are fantastic. You should submit them to the !

Jess said...

Oh Laney, that's something I don't miss about the NE. Maybe it was just me but encountering rude, impatient people was the norm for me up there. It only got worse when I had my son. And people just say what's on their mind, even if it's extremely hurtful. I don't miss that. Rude people are here but it's not the norm. And usually other people will step in and stick up for you if someone is rude...LOL NC is calling your name. ;-)

Jess said...

OH and I'm simply astonished there's a blog devoted exclusively to cupcakes...LOL Yours look SO yummy!

Michele & John said...

My little John wants to know if Miss Elaine has any more of those snowman "fingies" left? Those are SO cute - I think I might make those tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

Donna Boucher said...

Those are fabulous snowmen! Just perfect little treats!

glenna <> said...

These are absolutely the cutest. I also make "bacon and eggs" lay 2 stick pretzels on foil, drizzle a little white chocolate onto them in a blotch, press either 1 large M & M into it or 2 of the mini M&M"S and it looks like eggs laying on top of bacon. glenna <><

glenna <> said...

did I say the M&M should be yellow? I don't think I did. but I have also made green eggs and ham using the ring pretzels. <><