January 2, 2006

The Eyes Have It

Thanks for all the well wishes, I am feeling better now.

I seem to have developed a case of pink eye that makes me look oh, so attractive. We went to Target tonight and did our usual stop at the food mart for Icee drinks. There was a little girl there who was staring at me and I decided that it was my freaky eye that she was gawking at and decided to not take it personally.

My parents left for Florida today and I miss them already. We had such a wonderful Christmas, in spite of all the sickness and disease. My dad was quite happy to leave a rainy and dreary NJ for warm and sunny FL. My mom, ummm, not so much with the happiness. She never wants to leave, we have that affect on her. Actually, the kids have that affect on her! She'll be back before we know it.

I want to thank Needleroozer, who wrote a terrific post about nature studies. One of the things that I really lack doing is getting the boys outside to see and draw nature. We are definitely not lacking in the outside play area, but this will give us the opportunity to do things together and I am really looking forward to the Spring to begin a nature study.

I don't make New Year resolutions, but this year I have purposed in my heart to do more things with the kids that require a stretching outside of myself. Being outside with them is one of them.

What have you purposed for this year?

Look to the finish!


Needleroozer said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better, pink eye or no!
I added a bunch of links to the nature study post, it is all ready.
I am tickled pink that you found it helpful and inspiring.

Jess said...

Breastmilk clears pinkeye within an hour. Know any lactating friends? LOL

I'm glad you are doing better and your mom is so sweet! My mom can't wait to run out the door after she visits...LOL SHe loves us, just is not a kid person. ;-)

I need to step out of the box with my kids more as well - it's hard to try to control everything and it's easy to forget that they are all individuals.

Thanks for the reminder!


Laney said...

Jess, aren't *you* lactating?? LOL

Can you airmail me some? hehehe

momyblogR said...

So glad your better, but Pink Eye now, Man.

I don't do resolutions either but two girls friends and myself decided the very same thing. That we were all going to step out of our comfort zones and stretch a bit.

It's difficult at times but I think it will be WELL worth it.

I'm looking!