January 9, 2006

Gimme Some of Your Tots!

Today is de-lurking day! So, as per Donna's instructions, leave a comment!

We had a very busy weekend, mostly highlighted with Napoleon Dynamite quotes. If you have never seen Napoleon Dynamite, I say to you, rent it, watch it, watch it again and then you will understand why it is funny.

Now, Kevin and I rented it and only watched about 40 minutes of it, definitely not a long enough time to get a full appreciation for all that N.D. is. He bought the movie last week, impulse purchase at Target, and we have watched it twice so far, each time laughing a little bit more.

The word, "coccyx" has become a new favorite around here. Jeremy came up with this great idea to make a zip line using the post on the back porch. He spent hours working on perfecting his "contraption." When John came home from school, he of course wanted to try it. Jeremy said to Kevin, John's gonna fall off there and break his coccyx. We about died laughing! (N.D. reference)

John did not break his coccyx nor did Jeremy. They are, I'm afraid, going to break the back porch. The zip line required some tweaking so John fastened the other end of the rope to our clothesline. It's not a zip line in the true sense of the word, because it doesn't take you from a high point to a low point. It's a slow decline, but they think it's an absolute blast.

There is a lot of weight being supported by that rope and every time they jump off of the ladder to ride down the line, the house creaks. Or rather, the back end of the house creaks. A most unpleasant sound when you are the homeowner. I just hope they become bored with the zipline before the porch falls into the pool.


Last week for Donna's Friday Five, she had as one of her questions, Have you ever seen a ghost or an angel?

I told her that I would answer here on Saturday, but never did because I did the Two Things Meme. So here is my angel story.

Four years ago, I ran the NYC Marathon, many of you know that. What you don't know is what happened to me at mile 21, yes I said mile 21. I was tired, really tired and my right knee was screaming at me to STOP for the love of God, STOP! Also, I hurt my left foot around mile 16 as I was going around a turn after coming off of one of the bridges. It actually hurt more to walk than it did to run, so I just kept on running.

I had seen my family at mile 17 and that really renewed my energy and desire to finish strong. At the 21 mile mark, I was getting discouraged though. The speed walkers were walking faster than I was running! I was playing big mental games, Run another 15 steps and then you can stop...O.K. you ran 15 steps, just do 15 more...look, there's a water table stop there and rest...

As I was approaching the water table, I heard footsteps behind me which was odd because I was surrounded by the noise of the crowds yelling and other runners talking. So I heard the footsteps and then I felt a gentle hand placed on my shoulder. I looked to the right to see a young man with brown hair and blue eyes smiling at me. He said, "You look good, runner. Keep going, you're almost there...(pause)...You can do it." And with that, he was gone. He took off and disappeared into the sea of marathoners.

It was the oddest feeling. I knew he was sent to me so that I would be encouraged to keep going, to Press On, if you will. I believe with all of my heart that he was angel.

I'd like to say that he was the reason that I finished the race, but really I finished that race by sheer determination and will, he helped me to simply remember that I could.

Look to the finish!


Donna Boucher said...

A fit angel...that figures.
I'll bet mine knits :o)

Happy De-lurking week!

Hope some of your lurkers come out from they shy little cubbie holes!


melissa in VA said...

Great story Laney. I have the utmost respect and admiration for marathoners. My husband ran the Marine Corp a few times, and then tried the 50 miler at Buffalo Run. He had to stop at mile 35 because he didn't make the time cut off. VERY dissapointing for him. Anyway, like all crazy, insane, lunatics, he intends to try again.

I LOVE the zip line idea! Hope your porch can handle it!

mamabear said...

I love that story! I truly believe in angels and that they come to us at jsut the time we need it. Did you read my angel story on Donna's blog?


mindy said...

Say it isn't so. I have counted on the fact that there will be no need to exercise in heaven!!

The other day we were talking about having chicken for dinner and Seth (7yods) said (in a very funny ND accent), "Do they have large talons? The chickens...do they have large talons?" It was so funny! I love it when kids get old enough to have a sense of humor that relates at my level!

CMB said...

I love the angel story, I do believe we all have them. I have yet to see mine, but feel him/her sometimes.

As for ND, all of my cousins (remember I am the oldest of 20) told Steve and I that we had to see it. So a friend of his had it and we borrowed it. To this day I am very confused and even mad that I sat there for 1 1/2 hours watching it. But, having read your post, I think I will have to watch it again. I'll let you know how I feel this time.

I also love the boys zip line idea - aren't boys so much fun?

RANDI said...

We love Napolean Dynamite--my hubby and my sons are quite the impersonators! I love the scene where Kip is grating the huge block of cheese over the nachos--for some reason I find that terribly funny! Could it be because we use the same cheese-log from Sam's Club??? ;)

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Your boys just crack me up. LOVE the zip line idea!!! Boys are the best!
You are a blessed woman!!


PS Of course, YOU would have a fit angel. But then, all angels are probably fit. ~smiles~

Jules said...

I got ND for Christmas!! I saw it the first time and merely chuckled- the second time around was way funnier. I love it when Kip says, "You're just jealous cuz I've been chatting with hot babes all day." (or something to that effect)

What a hoot! Unfortunately, no one in my family has the same sense of humor so I watch it alone. *sniff sniff*

Scooby said...

In light of National Delurking Week, I am here to say hi there! I do read your blog and my life is always a little more entertaining and blessed because of it!

aka Scooby at A Place to Grow