January 20, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We'll start with the Good!

This morning my telephone rang at 7:15 and on the other end of the line was a girl that I work with at the gym. She teaches a 9:30 Latin Cardio class followed by a 10:30 abs class. She was sick as a dog and she asked me if I would be willing to go and teach for her. I told her, No problem!

When I arrived at the gym, my boss Sandy was there in the aerobic studio. She asked me where the other instructor was and I explained that she had called me early that morning to help her out. Sandy thanked me profusely and I assured her that I was glad to help. Sandy has been the kind of boss that is a pleasure to work for. If she needed me to move the moon, I would.

I told her that we were moving come the first of March and asked her if she would be willing to write me a letter of recommendation. She said she would have it to me by the end of the classes.

When I was done teaching at 11:15, I found Sandy in her office and true to her word, the letter was done. I don't believe that I have ever had anyone write such a glowing recommendation of my job performance and I was literally moved to tears.

Onto the Bad.

Remember my post about the nasty spill that I took after getting my haircut? Well, I think that I have done serious injury to my right shoulder.

It hurts. It hurts to move it up, down and all around. It hurts to lift and lower and it hurts to touch. It just plain 'ole hurts! I have been popping Advil like they are M&M's so one of two things will happen. Either my liver will give out or the pain will go away by the pill that melts orange dye in your hand. Unlike M&M's which do not melt in your hand, but rather your mouth.

The rub is that I am not getting relief from the Advil. I am not a pill popper by nature, so one Advil should take care of me and it's not. All of this leads me to believe that we got trouble, right here in River City!

And now for the Ugly.

Unfortunately, I can't think of anything that's ugly right now but it was a good title!


RANDI said...

I will be praying for you! Have you tried hot/cold compresses to relieve the pain?

Be careful with aerobic exercise too! (Sorry, Laney, i am a mommy and i can't help giving advice!) ;)

Laney said...

I know, Randi!! My shoulder was worse after the class and in hind sight I should have said no. No aerobics for you!! :-)

Jules said...

Oh man!
You definitely should have gotten a free haircut! ;)

CMB said...

I really want to take one of your classes. Are you still in North Brunswick? My cousin and aunt belong there, maybe I can go with them one night. You'll have to give me your schedule. I hope you feel better soon. You should probably have your shoulder looked at. My Mom had that problem late last year and it was from lifting weights (10 lbs max). I read your comment on my blog and I will be in Kansas for training (new job). I do want to see you before you leave - I'll call Laurie.

momyblogR said...

Sounds like you are the emplyee to have....

I hope you haven't done anything to damaging to your shoulder. Maybe you should get it look at before long.

btw, I think we have offended a rodent lover over on my blog. You have GOT to go read what trouble they went through to save the life of a mouse, LOL! My word. Oh, and your Hubby? They mentioned he is a "bad" man for beaning squirrels....I'm telling you, some people.

Writing and Living said...

Advil will eat a hole in your stomach before your liver would give out. Just so you know.

So sorry about your shoulder! Hope it gets better soon.

momyblogR said...

Update......We are all being wished to the lake of fire for our behavior, lol!

Linda said...

Oh Laney, I'm so sorry to hear you're in pain. No fun. I will pray for you!

Jess said...

So sorry about your shoulder pain Laney! But great news on the recommendation!

BTW, carrying over from KathyJo's blog - we are "that couple" too...lol I'ts the only room wtih a lock on the door! ;-)