February 22, 2006

Confession Time

Who had to write on the chalkboard when they were in school?

Laney will have to write:

I will not accidentally light my hair on fire
Look to the finish! (and stay away from open flames.):-)


Donna Boucher said...

I will not lie on the ground and tell people they don't want to know why I'm lying there.

Silly quizzes :o)

neuroticmommy said...

Hi Laney, I do know Jessica! I didn't realize she used the classical style, now I can pick her brain at the next playgroup. I've read the Well-trained Mind, so I have a pretty good idea, but I was curious how you do Bible? Do you use a seperate curriculum?

neuroticmommy said...

I forgot to add mine,

I will not steal gloves from homeless people.


Heidi said...

I will not be tricked by the Trix Rabbit anymore

Lol too funny, I love it!

Jersey Girl said...

Oh my!*gasp*
I will not keep writing songs about erectile dysfunction.
Oh my! *gasp*
Maybe I shouldn't have used my middle name?

Carrie said...

I will not think so much about the JFK assassination. Huh?

Jules said...


I will not hang around in graveyards anymore.

I will not hang around in graveyards anymore.

I will not hang around in graveyards anymore.

I will not... ;)

Laney said...

ROFL!! Mom, you dirty girl, you!!

Jules, you crack me up.

Heidi, that is sooo funny!

Carrie, you poor thing!:-) What does that mean?

Steal gloves from homeless people, HA!

Andie said...

Oh dear. "I will not pee in public anymore."

Donna, I hope you watched where you were lying down. ;)

I hate to admit it, but I really DID set my hair on fire a couple of years ago. My hair dryer sucked my hair in the back - I was wondering what that awful smell was. :(

RANDI said...

Ok, I thought that was the beginning of a funny story! You scared me a little bit!

Jess said...

OK, mine makes me SO ill I can barely type it!

"I will support my government through all of its idiotic decisions"



Jess said...

*blush* I'm outted. My dream is to use the classical style but I'm not always so good at it. In fact, I haven't been good at much of anything since Tristan was born...lol I do believe in the classical style heavily though. ;-)

We use Sonlight right now Patricia. It has Bible in it. I'll bring my favorite book on Friday if you'd like.

OK, the cyberworld just got smaller...