February 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Mr.Hood

Let me start with a little backstory. The boys have a few Little Rascals DVD's, they are lovers of slapstick. Over the course of packing up the basement, we came across the episode where Alfalfa sings Happy Birthday to Darla's father, Mr.Hood. For those of you who remember the episode with the song, it's a catchy little tune and we have taken to singing it whenever the mood strikes. I tried in vain to find a link. Maybe Jess can dazzle us with her awesome computer skills and find one. (Just don't superimpose me on Darla's body!)

Joe's birthday just passed and like all good mother's of three children, I completely ignored it. Not ignored in the true sense of the word, there just wasn't a B-Day Bash. I was feeling really guilty about not even getting the poor child a cake. So the other night I ran out to the WaWa bakery and bought a cake. After dinner, we all sat down for some cake and then I remembered - I already packed the candles! I found a candle in the junk drawer from Jeremy's last birthday and thought, it'll do. It's wax, it burns, it signifies a celebration, aye carumba, it's the number six!

All Joe really seemed to care about was the cake and getting his pudgy little fingers into it. We commenced with the traditional Happy Birthday song in the traditional key of out of tune. Poor Joe, he didn't even know it was his birthday. He thought it was Mr.Hood's!! We kept saying, "No, Joe, it's your birthday." All he would say was, "Happy birthday, Mr.Hood."

I can't decide what's worse. Us overlooking his second birthday or him thinking his name is Mr.Hood. Either way, this will be an issue that comes out in therapy, of this I am sure.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

The afore mentioned numero seis. (And my nose!)

Mr.Hood, mesmerized.

Look, mom, I'll give you this one because we're moving and you're trying to pack and homeschool my brothers, but if you ever do this again...

... I will destroy you with my chocolate fingers of death!

Look to the finish!


CMB said...

Happy Birthday Joe. I had the pleasure of hearing this story from Laurie and I must admit was cracking up! My Dad is big into Little Rascals, so we often sang the Mr. Hood version of Happy Birthday in our family. I think Joe will turn out just fine.

Hillary said...

Oh, but look how clean his white shirt is!! He's an amazing choclate-cake-eater, in my book!

Happy Birthday Joe!

Jess said...

ROFL I love you even more now! All he'll remember is being in the spotlight and yummy cake - I promise! Just keep away from the hypno-therapists...LOL

I love a challenge btw! LOL I looked and found lots of information on the episode and lots of OTHER episodes available for free downloading but not that one, "Feed 'Em And Weep". I'm not giving up though! LOL

Oh, and it's funny you bring up slapstick comedy, I introduced my kids to the 3 Stooges today! LOL


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Happy Birthday, Mr Hood!!! uh...I mean Joe!!
Ya know, if Joe plays his cards right he can use this episode for several DECADES. I can just hear it now "Oh, & SHE forgot my birthday...my 2nd!!! birthday and I got a hand-me-down candle (#6 no less) on a bakery cake. That's right, forgot my birthday, tried to make up, gave me a 6 instead of a 2. This is what happens when you're the youngest & your Mom is packing to move."
Yep, definately foder for the therapist & guilty Mommy for YEARS!!!
I love you you dear girl! Thanks for the laughs early on a cold & icy morning.
Seriously, I don't think this has harmed Joe in the least...except that he now thinks his name is Mr. Hood.
I just love the pix. Thanks for sharing your life & the foibles of motherhood (we all have them).
You are a wonder...& a blessing in my life.

momyblogR said...

Happy Birthday, Joe! Your Mommy loves you, REALLY she does. Just because she didn't find it important to recognize your birth, means nothing. LOL, LOL!!

I'm sure therapy will make you see that in time. :):)

The pictures are adorable and all kidding aside, you are a superb Mother! I love reading about the antics in you home.

Thanks for playing...

Lynn...nuch more common then Desdamone, lol
Outgoing, however I do hate the spotlight.
Gangsts Rap, LOL!! You KILL me. I like top 40 and 80's music, it brings me back to some really fun times.
Rebel, but always with a cause.
Good Humor Girl....LOVE it!

momyblogR said...

Oops! I realized I forgot to give you the answer to number 8, lol. Yes, sex is always my first choice...LOL! But when that isn't possible I grab my camera, I love taking pictures.

mamabear said...

Happy birthday, Little Joe!

Laney-I'm just curious...how many words does Joe speak (without being prompted). Just wondering what is "normal" for a 2 year old. Been a long time since I've had a 2yo in the house? He seems to be a well spoken little boy.


Laney said...

Too many words to count! He never stops talking and he repeats everything!! Ask my mom, she'll tell you.

You know what? This topic needs it's own blog entry!

melissa in VA said...

Awwww...Happy Birthday Joe!!

Needleroozer said...

Very sweet pics! Happy Birthday Joe! I won't even go into the details of how my parents forgot (not even a storebought cake with the wrong number on it!)my birthday 3 different years.

And Laney, thanks for the well-wishes, I am doing a bit better this week!

Jules said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

Laney I cracked up when I read this. You are too funny! ;) I can appreciate the packing to move, the bakery cake and the #6 candle because it sounds so much like my crazy life!

Thanks for posting the story and giving all of us other not-so-perfect-moms a little boost! ;)

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

Andie said...

What a sweetie! Happy Belated Birthday!

Leo...well, he cried when we sang Happy Birthday on his 2nd birthday. (Oct.) He didn't like people singing *at* him. :(

Bunches and bunches of cake seemed to help him recover.

Dy said...

Oh, Joe is going to think he's supposed to be one of mine if you keep that up! We're always forgetting one or the other's day until, well, THE DAY OF... *sigh*

Looks like it all turned out well in the end!

Happy Second Birthday, Mr. Joe Hood!!