February 13, 2006

Packing Lessons

Here are a few little nuggets that I have learned about packing. Take what you can use and leave the rest. Also, I am never moving again. Got that, Kevin? Neh-ver!!

1. Packing tape dispensers are very sharp.

2. Packing tape is very sticky.

3. Blood will, in fact, adhere to said tape.

4. Constant handling of cardboard boxes sucks the moisture right out of your hands. To combat this unfortunate side effect, keep hand lotion nearby.

5. Packing tape won't do it's job when you have gotten hand lotion on it.

6. A two year old can unpack a box, that took you 45 minutes to pack, in 3.7 seconds.

7. That same two year old thinks it's funny to perform WWF moves on boxes marked "fragile."

8. Two year olds and packing; not good bedfellows.

9. I own way too many nail care products. I am one nail file away from changing my name to Huang Fa and doing pedicures out of my bathroom.

10. Books are heavy.

11. Re-inforce the bottoms of boxes packed with books.

12. Husbands and wives will argue over ridiculous things while packing.

13. Just please put the box there, please, because I want it there. ( See above)

14. My attic is very dusty.

15. Teaching your children how to pack and throw things away can actually constitute a school day. If you just use the words "recycling lesson", "life skills" and "on the job training" all guilt melts away.

16. When you are unable to cook dinner, food found under and around the dinner table can be considered a healthy meal. ( O.K. That one was a joke.)

17. It can't stay up here in the attic because it's too cold, it will crack even further. Why do you keep working against me? (See #12)

18. It may become difficult to keep up a blog and visit your blogger pals.

19. Ordering those adorable brown sandels from JCPenney, even though they were on sale AND you had a free shipping coupon, was not a good idea when the main goal of packing is to get boxes flowing out of the house.

and finally...

20.There's a very good reason why people simply abandon all that they own and move to an island off the coast of Hawaii.


Kevin said...

Happy Valentines day. I Love You my little packer.---

RANDI said...

The sandals are worth it, especially in the midst of moving!

Carrie said...

Well, at least you haven't lost your sense of humor! Happy Valentine's Day, Laney!

mamabear said...

We love you too, you Packer-Mama.
Happy Valentine's Day!

-ps. thanks so much for the laugh for the day. laughed so hard i about peed my pants!

CMB said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I so glad you blogged - I was starting to think you boxed yourself up! I love your packing tips, after all this you should write a book about what to do and what not to do when you move! AND - there is always room for more shoeboxes!

Dy said...

I'm sure you can guess which ones cracked me up the most - the pain of moving is still quite fresh.

You know, I was going to see if I could lure you out here to organize my shoes. Zorak looked at me and said, "What? Are you kidding? You have, like, three pairs of boots and a pair of slippers. She'd laugh you off the map!" Oh... yeah, huh?

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Jersey Girl said...

Think of me when you are down to stuffing things in the last Shop Rite bag you have - then its your handbag and jeans pockets.

Jess said...

ROFLMBO Laney!!! They all made me laugh and I could definately relate but "Huang Fa"? I spit coffee out my nose on that one! And WWF! LOLOLOL Oh I'm so not looking forward to the packing part. DH makes me promise to only fill a box halfway with books now and put a blanket or something equally as light on top of it to fill the rest of the box. We've moved many, many times and his back remembers each time well. ;-)

I'm glad you're still talking to each other. True test of marriage is moving! lol

I'd write more but I've got to go and check out JCPenneys sales now...LOL Where'd ya get that free shipping coupon?