May 25, 2006

Better Late Then Never!

I was all ready, set, go to blog this morning but my monitor had other ideas. I came upstairs, turned on the computer and the screen was jumping. Seriously, jumping. My first thought was, Go get your glasses. However, upon further investigation I realized that not even Lens Crafters could fix this problem. The extent of my computer knowledge is this: pull the main plug out of the wall and hope that the computer will still play the friendly little windows welcome theme song. It played the theme song but the screen was still jumping.

Before my panic meter hit 100, I thought to try my other old stand-by which is to simply pull all of the wires out of the monitor and blow on them. I learned that little doozy from my dad. He spent years yelling gently explaining to us the dust is the enemy for all of our electrical devices. You think I'm kidding, right? Ask my mother and she'll tell you all about the little black cotton cloths that covered our VCR and my dad's camera equipment. Woe to the person who forgot to cover the VCR or, *gasp* leave a tape just hanging out of it. Perkins, anyone??(inside family joke.)

Moving on...

The dust blowing thing, it didn't work. I went to my last resort: I hit it.



I told Kevin that the monitor was busted and he told me to go get another one. Gosh, some girls want candy and flowers. Me? I want the internet. He knows this and I am so glad!

Mindy asked me if I had to eat weird food on the Fat Flush. I would have to say that it depends on your definition of "weird." Weird, to me is tofu and collards. They are on the approved foods list but I don't like them so I just don't eat them. I can honestly say that 85% of the food to choose from are things that I already eat. Smoothies are a new thing for me. I have never done the protein shake with fruit thing, but now that I have I am loving it.

My goal is not really to lose a lot of weight, just the weight that I have gained since living here. I was whining telling Kevin the other day that none of my capris or shorts fit me. His solution? Go buy bigger clothes. Uh-uh. Sorry. Not gonna happen. That's like letting the Hoover Dam blow. Besides, I like my old clothes, I don't want new ones. Plus, I just spent all our money on a new monitor. The monitor is much more important than clothing. Notice I didn't say shoes.

I have lost four pounds and I feel great. Kevin is doing it with me, which makes it a lot easier. The kids are getting in on it, too. They want to know now, "Is this healthy? Does this have high fructose corn syrup in it?" They're too funny.

One last funny thing that John said the other morning. He wanted his wallet to see how much money he had but he had forgotten that he spent all of his money on a new bike. A few months ago Kevin got a credit card offer and in the envelope was a sample card. This is very cool for a nine year old boy to have in his wallet. He asked if he could have it and Kevin obliged his request. So John says:

Daddy, how much money do I have?

Kevin: John, you spent your money on your new bike.

John: OH! (pause) Well, at least I have my Platinum card.

We just laughed and laughed.

Look to the finish!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Oh my gosh!!! That kid is too funny!!
Glad you are back...I missed you, even though it was a short absence.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.


Writing and Living said...

Good job on the diet. Glad you're computer is up and running. I could easily give up TV, but the internet? Don't think so.


mindy said...

Thanks, I'm next on the waiting list for the book from the library. I have about the same amount as you to lose, but I need to do something. So, I'm always one to jump on a bandwagon...if Laney and Donna are doing it, then I'm gonna do it! :-) By weird foods I meant more like strange powders (or expensive protein supplements.) Dh is all for me dropping those few pounds, unless it costs too much! :-)

Classical Home said...

LOL! Your boys are so funny!

I was curious about the Fat Flush thing, too. I'm not much concerned about flushing fat (although....)
I wonder what it would do for my blood pressure. We're still tinkering with my medication and I'm SOOO tired. Ugh.

Tell me this isn't the plan that includes some odd *lemonade* made with maple syrup. That just sound too awful.


melissa said...

Your son and his Platinum card made me laugh too. My kids compete over who gets to shred the credit card applications and who gets to have the fake card.