May 2, 2006

More on Joe

Last night was our weekly women's Bible study at the church. Our pastor's daughter babysits for us and she is really a great sitter, I feel blessed to have her. The kids enjoy her company and she genuinely enjoys them.

As I was getting ready to leave, Joe began to get weepy and clingy. He's been going through this kind of thing lately and we're not exactly sure why. He doesn't want to go into his class on Sunday either. We have been very fortunate in that there are chairs set up in the back of the sanctuary where I can sit with him during worship and the service if need be. He will usually point to the door after the singing and say, "You bring me to my class, mommy." He's very bossy, I wonder who he gets that from? Hmmm...


I was getting ready to leave last night when he came up to me, put his hands up in the air and said, "Pick you up, mommy." I picked him up and he put his hands on my face and said, "I'm gonna cry." I cracked up! I told him not to cry, that the boys would be here with him and Chelsea was going to play with him. "No, mommy, I'm gonna cry." Two years old and he has already grasped the power of guilt. Heaven help me!

The things he says and the way his mind work are hysterical. Yesterday when I put him in for his nap, I covered him and brushed his hair back from his face. I told him that I loved him and then he pointed to the door and said, "You go, mommy. I go to sleep."

Most of the time I feel like his lackey. He commands me to do things and I do them. It's not even that he's being fresh, he's just being Joe.

For instance in the morning he'll say, "I got poop. You change me."

When it's time to go to the park he says, "Put me in my stroller. You run, mommy." I not only have to push him, but he likes a little speed with the pushing. I'm only glad that I'm behind him and not in front of him. Could you imagine the Napoleon complex he would develop should I pull him? Oy vey!

He keeps it interesting, I'll give him that.

Last night Kevin called me to tell me that they called from Progress to schedule an interview. He is going in at the end of the month. Our prayer is that he will get this job and then he won't have to be away all week.

Look to the finish!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Ok, this kid is too smart. Joe just cracks me up. I can only imagine that he gets this from being the youngest. But then again, it is probably just Joeism. He is his own little man. I cannot wait to see what he will be at oh say....16???!!!???
You are a blessed woman!!
I will be praying that Kevin gets this job.
Keep up the good mothering!!!


Carrie K. said...

Joe sounds like quite a little darling. My four-year-old is now at the stage where he goes from "I can't do it, you do it" to "Mom, leave me alone, I'll do it myself!"

Praying for the job situation.

Michele said...


I just got my computer back & have had a great time catching up on your blog. Sounds like N.C., your new house, homeschooling, and life in general are going very well. I am happy for you!! :)

Sure wish we were still Nearly Neighbors though, as the more I read from you, I like you even more! Garage sales - love 'em! Taking breaks at the park - love that too!

I'm not sure what's going on with the job situation, but I will keep you all in prayer.

I'll check in again soon. God bless!


CMB said...

First off - good luck Kevin! That would be wonderful.

Now Joe - what a cutie pie! Hey, you can't fault a guy for knowing what he wants - hehehe.