May 5, 2006

No Box Today

Just when I think that placing you in a cardboard box in front of the house with a sign around your neck that says, Free: To a Good Home, or Free: To people who don't mind the high pitch shrill of a scream that draws dogs within a 40 mile radius, I find these pictures in the camera and I am reminded once again of just how much I

Your eyes dance laughingly with all of the secret mischief that you are plotting.

Your smile is the light that brightens my days and makes me cry at it's innocence.

Your determination inspires me to get up another day and be a better mom.

Your peacefulness takes my breath away and makes me forget all about the cardboard box.

I love you, my little petunia.

Look to the finish!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

How absolutely adorable!!!
You are sooo blessed...& I just want to hug that kid. Or squish his cheeks. Maybe both.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend...NO BOXES!!

Blessed be...

Dy said...

Oh, Laney! If you do ever get him all the way into the box, send him over here! He's just... ohhhhh, I could just squeeze him to pieces! How cute can he get?

Jersey Girl said...

No, no! Send him here! Missing him - and the brothers- so very much.
Thanks for the photos. I wonder "how many times I will open this page today?"
I read and reread and reread when there are no photos.
I love. love. love. that boy.

The Crib Chick said... brought tears to my eyes! soon as Daddy brings my little trouble-finder in, I'm going to give him a big smooch.

CMB said...

What an ANGEL BABY! We hit it off at Laurie's Longaberger party, so feel free to ship him here anytime. We can even trade off if you're interested ;)