July 11, 2006

Laney? Present!!

Well, I guess I should blog something now. At least it hasn't been a full month. I can give myself that I suppose.

Let me esplain. No, there is no enough time, lemme sum up. (Quote??)

Two deaths, two trips back to New Jersey, four house guests, one overnight in Myrtle Beach, lots of tree work for Kevin, a lot of cosmetic house renovations and still no word on the job.

It's easier to say it with photos...

After being gone for four days, Kevin decides to mow the dirt lawn. (Note to self: stay out of pool when lawn is being mowed or risk being coated in a dirt film. Also, when dirt comes into contact with water it forms the substance commonly known as: MUD. Most unpleasant. Seriously.)

Apparently the love of watching dirt blow doesn't fall far from the tree. Who can resist the cuteness of him in his glasses with the Croakie band, though?

How could I have lived on this earth for 34 years and not have known about the donut nirvana known as Krispy Kreme? Oh, Glazed Raspberry Filled pastry how you invade my soul and satisfy my cravings!

We checked out the Wilmington Children's Museum, a hearty two thumbs up from the boys.

Sometimes we prove to our neighbors that we really are stupid Yankees by walking the neighborhood in the rain. The hard hat does not help our situation any.

I have no idea. The camera was obviously not in the possession of a responsible adult. I sincerely doubt the child was either.

Oh, look, it's me! Putting the finishing touches on my new paint job. I did the shutters, the lamps, the doors and their hardware, a beautiful piece of decorative metal that you are not able to see from here and the house number. I am still covered in black paint.

Me, again, doing my Guess jeans girl pose. I really don't look like the Guess jeans girl, I look more like an old woman with back problems or someone who really has to go poop.

This is the end. Don't cry, I know you're sad but I will be blogging with regularity from here on out.

Kevin said to me, just the other day, "I wish you would blog so I can find out what 's happening in our life." He-he!

Look to the finish!


Carrie K. said...

Welcome back! And the pictures were great. Sorry for your losses, too, I hope you're doing okay.

mamabear said...

Yay, you're back! Ack, now I can stop coming by here 5 times a day looking for my Laney-fix. Dude, that makes me sound like a druggie, doesn't it?
Love the pictures. Your house looks beautiful, and the kids aren't far behind. :-)
Glad you're having a productive summer, with a little er.um.mud facials mixed in there. (gotta look at the bright side ya know)

Lyn said...

Love the pictures. The house looks good.

Funny, my hubby enjoys me bloggin too. So he knows what is *really* going on!

RANDI said...

Welcome back! As usual, your photos are fun and make me smile! Your little guy looks too cute in the big-ol' shorts--but is there anything he doesn't look cute doing?

mindy said...

Welcome back, sistah!! You have been missed. And, yes, you definitely have the looks of someone who really has to go and just can't hold it much longer. :-)

momyblogR said...

First, sorry for the losses - Second, YAY you're still a part of the blogosphere - and finally, I'm a fellow Yankee but I must disagree, the hard hat, MAKES IT! lol.

Great pictures!

Jody said...

HAHA! A quote from The Princess Bride! Excellent! :)

Dy said...

Hey Lady, good timing. You weren't blogging while I wasn't online. I love it when it works out that way.

LOVE the pictures - your adorable guys just always make me smile. I love the shots of you. But how come the ones Zorak takes of me while I'm puttering about the house don't look nearly so cute? sheesh, must be the camera. ;-)

I'm sorry to hear of your losses. I hope you have comfort and healing on your trips. {{hugs}} And now you're home - to that wonderful family! I'm glad.


Jules said...

Welcome back! I missed reading all about Laney's adventures too. ;)

The house does look great- I love the pooping picture! And the one of your youngest with some Erkel stuff going on there. What a hoot!! ;)

Michele said...

Sorry about the losses, Laney.

I have to respond, "PRINCESS BRIDE" ! ! ! One of my all time favorites. Anyone want a peanut?

Keep blogging!

Carrie K. said...


Hope everything is okay with you and yours. Just wanted you to know that you're missed. ((((HUGS)))

Meg said...

I'm so sorry for your losses as well! Those trips can be exhausting. It is so good to see you are blogging again, even though I'm not! Ha, Ha! Guess I'd better step up to the plate! Nice to see what you are up to. Your boys are hilarious. I love the big ole shorts! Your house is just so pretty. I know you must be enjoying it.
Take care!

Jules said...

Oh Laaan-ey! Where aaaarreee yooooouuuu????

We miss you babe!
Hope everything is okay there.

Blog when you can...

Dy said...

You are rapidly approaching a full month between posts...

Thinking of you!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Hope all is good in your life. Miss your posts. Get back to your fans already!!!

Love ya, girl

Peace, love, joy...