August 12, 2006

Time Warner Cable: A Love/ Hate Relationship

No, I haven't taken yet another hiatus. My cable has been out since Thursday night and just as I was ready to begin twitching, the cable man came and fixed us up!

My mother-in-law is here until Monday and tonight we are going to take her out on the town. Or, as out on the town as you can go with three kiddies! :-)

Loo to the finish!


Laurie said...

Hey guys, I miss you!! Say hello to my girl Jane for me. Talk to you soon.

mindy said...

So, when you say loo to the finish, do you mean that you *really* have to go to the bathroom? :-) You, my dear, are the queen of funny typos.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :-) My typos usually just make me look like I don't know how to spell something.

Laney said...

LOL, Mindy!!

You make me laugh!

momyblogR said...

Oh my! No cable? That is dastardly. Twitching? I'm sure I would have been convulsing, lol!!