September 18, 2006

Late, again.

I know that I have been really bad at this blogging thing lately and it sounds so cliche but, we have been so busy that the last thing I can think of doing is blogging. Add the pressure of visiting all of you lovely and humorous writers and my brain begins to ooze out of my ears and onto the floor. That is, as you may well already know, never good.

We have begun school and so far it is going well. I have yet to open our new Sonlight history curriculum (I should probably do that today) but I am excited about using something different this year.

And, because I am completely nuts, I have agreed to run the Wilmington half marathon in November. If I could somehow figure out how to type on the laptop while running, all of my problems would be solved.

Well, maybe not all of my problems but, you know.

Look to the finish!


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Glad all is good in your home...I had been wondering. Good luck with the training.
Have a very blessed week!!

Blessed be...

Donna Boucher said...

Run, Laney, Run!

mamabear said...

Um, I know how that goes, dear. I haven't posted in a week and a half. Ack-where does the time go? We did Sonlight History last year (and this year too), and we love it. Hope your boys love it too.


Bridget said...

I found your blog through Melissa, are you in Wilmington, NC? My Grandpa lives on Carolina Beach.

momyblogR said...

A marathon?! Yup, it's confirmed....C.R.A.Z.Y. I believe you are MANY great and wonderful things but I'm really thinking you are a bit touched, lol!!

Jules said...

Whaddya mean! Oozing brains is a bad thing? ;)

Good luck with the training or whatever it is you have to do now that you've committed. (yep, I am so not a runner)

Hope all goes well!

Kevin said...


sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Oh where of where has Laney gone???
Miss your wonderful blog. Miss your family....miss you!!
Get back online already.

Blessed be...

Carrie K. said...

Miss you!

Dy said...

Laney, honey, it's October... we miss you.

You could get the voice recognition software and a microphone - then you could do a real-time stream of your run!

Hope you are having a GLORIOUS autumn in the South!!