October 11, 2006

Just Call me Coach

A while back I mentioned that I got roped into coaching Jeremy's soccer team. At first I did it simply because they had no one else to do the job and Jeremy really wanted to play. To be honest, I sometimes have a problem saying no and I tend to over commit myself. So when I agreed to do it I really hoped that I would not loathe coaching 10 six year olds.

Not only do I not loathe it, I love it! This Saturday will be our sixth game of the season, we have three more to go after that. The thing that I have been most amazed at is the boys and their tremendous improvement. We have only won one game but every week they take the field and play their hearts out. What more could I possibly ask for?

I am really big on playing fair. Every boy on my team plays, every game, every week, even the ones that sometimes seem like they don't even know they have a uniform on let alone the fact that there is a game going on. It's those few boys that I hold dearest to me. If they take anything away from me being their coach I hope it's that they know that I believed in them and didn't care if they were the all-star of the team. I hope they know that I think they are terrific simply because they showed up every week, came to every practice, didn't complain and gave their all.

Last week, one of my boys scored a goal. In our goal. As in, a goal for the other team. That little guy came running off the field yelling, "Miss.Laney, I scored a goal!!" I grabbed him gently by the shoulders and said, "Yes, you did, and it was awesome!!"

Do I care that he scored a goal for the other team? Not really. Do I care that he was thrilled to score a goal at all? Yep-o! He'll remember that he scored a goal, not that he was criticized for scoring it in the wrong side of the field.

What a privilege it is to coach these crazy boys!

Look to the finish!

P.S. Just because you come to my site through a Google search with the words "press on" "laney" and "boring, boring, boring" doesn't mean that I still don't get all of your information. I am giving you an E for effort though.


Jennie C. said...

You are definitely a good woman. To not even mention that it was the wrong goal? There's a lesson for me there.

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

You are the BEST!!...& those are very blessed little men to have you coaching them. How wonderful that you shared in your player's excitement & did not diminish his joy (not many coaches would have done this). I am so glad you are having such fun. The boys will take away so much more than soccer knowledge from having you on their team. WAY TO GO, GIRL!!!! Keep up the wonderful ministry. I am in total awe.

PS To the Canadian chick...GET A REAL LIFE!! We are sorry you are such a negative person, but we are not playing your game. We are praying for you. I am sending good vibes, blessings, & all God's glory your way. Have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

I was *so* that kid scoring for the wrong team. Except it was field hockey and MY coach was a jerk. Good for you for putting the kid before the game.

Gotta go get some pants on.

Lyn said...

Wish there were MORE coaches like you out there.

Jess said...

Ry lost his last game because the other team (flag football) was cheating and the referee didn't catch it. We even overheard the other coach telling the boys "if they don't catch you, keep on doing it!". It was an invaluable life lesson for my boys though and the coaches made sure OUR boys knew they were proud of them for playing fair anyway and not giving up. We love our coaches - I bet every one of those parents love you too.

Dy said...

Oh, Laney, why couldn't you move here? I might even let the boys play soccer if you were their coach. James wants to play football. I look at him, and encourage him, and pray with all I have in me for a coach just. like. you.


Bridget said...

My husband coaches 2 leagues of midget football and as much as he wants to win (picture obsessive, compulsive, lives for football) they always play all the players and they are always telling them how great they are. It really is a wonderful thing to see. They kids love him, they search him out in the grocery store to hug him. There are a couple kids on the team that he looks at me, in the car, shakes him head about and says "He's not very good, but he plays his heart out and how can you ask for anymore."

Meg said...

I know that the boys' parents who scored that goal were so proud of him and were happy that YOU were his coach. At that age, does it really matter WHERE the goal is scored? Only that you are helping to instill a love for sports and healthy exercise. Way to go, I'm proud of you!