October 18, 2006

Make It Work, Bloggers

Unless you watch Project Runway, you probably won't appreciate this part of my post.

I am not surprised that Jeffrey won, not surprised at all. I am, however, surprised that Uli still has not fixed her hair. Uli, hello!!! You're at fashion week, honey, stop with the 70's pony tail.

I really loved all of the collections, especially Uli's bathing suit. If I had a tush like the girl that wore that bathing suit, I would so buy it. (The bathing suit, not the tush. ha-ha.) A year ago, when I was on my jelly bean and twizzler diet combined with an insane running schedule, I probably could have pulled it off.

Today I went to work. I went to clean a vacant house that is due to go on the market this weekend. The house was, how shall I say it?

All of the above.

I know that I exaggerate but this time I am serious. It took me four hours to clean 2 bathrooms, wash 3 closet floors and clean a kitchen. I am no slouch when it comes to cleaning. I have no problem putting my house back in order in under an hour and we have about 2800 sq.ft.

I decided to follow Pollyanna's example and be glad.

I am glad that I do not have to live in that house.
I am glad that man created bleach.
I am glad that man created scrubbing bubbles.
I am glad that my refrigerator doesn't smell like formaldehyde.
I am glad that I don't have cockroaches. Very glad about this one.
I am glad that my closets don't resemble crypts.

As I was on my hands and knees, scrubbing a toilet that was so profoundly disgusting that living in a cardboard box under a bridge would seem to be a step up, it was hard to be glad. But I was glad, glad that I would never have to do that again.

And the hair! Heavens to Betsy, the hair. It was everywhere! I thought that at any moment Sasquatch was going to saunter in and ask if I'd seen his hairbrush. It finally hit me that the previous tenants had a cat. Or, sasquatch ate the cat. Either way, it was nasty.

I am glad that's over.

Look to the finish!


CMB said...

That sounds gross! I hope you made good money for cleaning that pig sty.

Frankie said...

I'm LOL because I had the same exact thoughts about Uli -- do your hair!

I loved Jeffrey's first bright red dress -- that was my favorite.

The house you cleaned sounds gross. We have two cats and a dog and hair is a major issue, but good grief, I have a vacuum and know how to use it. Be thankful that job is done.

Jules said...

Ewwww! Sounds horrible! I am going to channel Pollyanna too and be glad...

Glad it was you and not me! ;)

I am glad for you that you don't have to do that ever again. Yuck!

Andie said...


Hey, I heard Sasquatch was sighted in Illinois not too long ago, you should get in touch with him and give him hell about the mess!

*shudder* I hate, hate, hate hair not attached to a head. Blech. Ewww. Gag.

Good for you, Pollyanna. I'm glad I don't have to read about it anymore! (Though I suppose I can't complain what with Leo's raisin post and all...)

Jess said...

I would'nt personally wear anything Jeffrey made but he has great creativity and style and SKILLS. He makes beautiful fantasy wear to me. Uli, yeah - if I could lose oh let's say --- 100lbs I'd love to wear her stuff...LOL

Do you clean houses getting ready to go on market? What a great job, how did you get it?