October 13, 2006


Early this morning, around 2 a.m., my parents rolled into town. They are here for Jeremy's birthday extravaganza, among other things.

This year we discovered skateboarding and it has consumed Jeremy. When he has free time, he's on his board. When he's not on his board, he is drawing pictures of skateboards. When he's not drawing pictures of skateboards, he's watching our TiVOed (TIVO'd?) X Games. When he's not watching the X Games, he's talking about skateboard tricks. Recently he and John built a half-pipe ramp in the backyard. They are so creative.

He is an amazing artist and I keep telling him that he should use his talent to design skateboards. He likes this idea and has come up with many different designs. He doesn't get this talent from me, mind you. I think he gets it from my sister.


For some strange reason, I have received a plethora of catalogs in the past few weeks. Toy catalogs to be specific. My children love them. I do not. (Except for the Mindware one.)

They have ear marked pages and there are pen markings that say, But me this, please. I don't give into this nonsense but their grandmother does. Truthfully, my boys don't have a lot of toys. They have more fun creating their own things and playing with the tools in the garage than they do playing with cheap manufactured plastic.

As soon as my mom woke up this morning, the boys ran to her with their lists. She patiently listened and asked questions about the items that they have written down. John wants a wet suit. He says that the water is cold and he *needs* one for when he goes surfing in January.

Me: John, news flash. I am not taking you to the beach in January to go surfing.

John: Daddy will.

All eyes flash to daddy who suddenly resembles a deer in the headlights.

Daddy: Huh?

Me: John, daddy is the same as you, he's just bigger. He can't do anything either.

Daddy: John, just say, O.K.


Look to the finish!


Laurie said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet Jeremy! I wish I was there to get the party started for you. I hope he likes my gifts. Missing everyone!

ABZ Extreme Staff said...

You should post some of his designs; I am sure alot of people would like to see them. There are alot of blogs out there where people design boards as a form of art. Thanks for sharing!

Jules said...

It's good to have you back! And you are not boring- no matter what Saskatchewan Anne thinks! ;)

We are also in the clutches of the toy catalog mania here. Every time a new one comes it is immediately marked up with circles around everything that they think they need. It drives me nuts! They end up sounding like they are so. deprived. Yeah right. I told them this year before Christmas comes they are going to go through all their toys and pick the ten best ones and all the rest are getting donated somewhere. You would have thought I suggested cutting off an arm or a leg the way they wailed and gnashed their teeth! ;)

Dy said...

That is so cute!

Happy Birthday Jeremy - hope it's an awesome day and that you have wonderful surprises awaiting you this year.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Jeremy!

And LOL at Daddy.

Jess said...


Lyn said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

And the Daddy and John story is priceless!