February 13, 2007

Homer: Keepin' It Real

Thank-you, Mary Pope Osborne! You did what Roemary Sutcliff could not. You grabbed our attention and held it.

I tried, I really and truly tried to read Black Ships Before Troy aloud to the boys but it was, how shall I describe it? It was like reading an instructional book about how to change a carburetor. In Chinese. The language was too much and I kept tripping over my tongue to read aloud with a moderate amount of fluidity.

Whatever that says about me, I don't know and honestly, I don't care. John, usually the one to beg me to keep reading was the loudest dissenter. I was afraid the boys were going to stage a coup. Political drama is the last thing that I need right now.

We read Book One and Two and are one chapter into Book Three. Book Four is on reserve and I hope it comes soon. So to the person who has it, please return it back to the library. NOW! Thank-you ever so much.

Today we discussed Odysseus and all of the obstacles that he has overcome. John said, "It's like the story of the Minotaur. How Theseus had to be brave and strong."

Do you know what my reaction was?

I said, "You remember that story?"

Jeremy said, "Of course we do, Mom, you taught that to us."


I did teach them that!

Look to the finish!


mamabear said...

Those books look so cool! I'm totally going to look for them in my library.


mindy said...

We loved the MPO Oddysey books. We didn't attempt the Sutcliff because the kids were very young when we did Ancients, but....maybe next time.