January 18, 2008

Fine Art Friday

Today I chose VanGogh's Starry Night. I first saw this painting in Manhatten at the Museum of Modern Art. I love VanGogh because of the texture of his art, the three dimensional look and feel. I get lost in the details and the sheer simplicity and beauty.


CMB said...

I like his work too. Used to have two of his pieces in my den, but when we re-did it, they did not match.
I do not want to be nit picky, but I was reading your 'why running' area and there is a typo.

Laney said...

Thank-you, Cara!!

I hate typos, I'll fix it now. :-)

Needleroozer said...

His work always makes me want to get out my brushes and the biggest canvases I have, and just go for it. His texture is so inspiring- if it were me, I would cheat and run a comb though the paint to get the kind of texture that he seemingly easily got from his brushes and the layers he used. Sigh. Love, love, love this painting.

Crib Chick said...

This is one of my all-time favorite pieces of art. I have it in my living room. :o)

When I stood in front of Van Gogh's work at the MMoA...tears came to my eyes. It's powerful to look at.

(And I have *you* to thank for it, since you made me much less anxious about visiting NYC, LOL!)

mrs. parker said...

I just gulped down all of your posts. I love your 7 facts, they and every post has me cracking up! Love the new title and layout!!