January 9, 2008


This morning I was greeted by the impish face and sweet voice of Joe. "Wanna play Play-Doh with me, mommy?"

Is the pope catholic? Sure I do.

He received Play-Doh for Christmas. He was so excited about it and plays with it everyday. Play-doh is to Joe what shoes are to me. Comprende?

Notice the Ziploc bag of Play-Doh on the left. Why is it that Play-Doh always turns this color when mixed? They should just sell one color and call it what it is, the color of Barf.

This past summer, my parents took the boys for a week. As they were traveling back home, they stopped in north Florida, at some property that my parents own, to sign some papers. They stayed overnight on the property in a cabin, and on the property is a lake. This made Joe very happy for as he was running toward the lake he yelled, "Look at that friggin' lake."

We're so proud.

This photo denoted that he was warming up for a, "Friggin' Play-doh!" I intervened and no foul words were uttered.

Such concentration!

Chubby toddler hands. Is there anything sweeter? OK, maybe chubby toddler thighs. Yes, I know his fingernails are dirty. He's a boy, it's allowed.

Ahh, the joys of smelly green mush!


CMB said...

Love that little face!! He is adorable. I agree that chubby toddler hands are the best and little boys always have dirty finger nails!

Jersey Girl said...

OH, that face! Love it, love it.
From one old mother, I like the "Run Mother Run" idea.

andie said...

Oh, wook at dat face! Ack. The poor child, do strangers run up and want to just *squeeze* those cheeks? I'm not even like those cheek pincher type women, but I don't think I could resist this one.

Okay,okay, I'll stay away till he's older, so as not to freak him out.