February 12, 2008

'Sup, Dawg

He's not a bad dog, he's just a dog and all that being a dog encompasses. He chews things and sheds and chews things and sheds and chews things and sheds.

Did I mention the shedding?


And the chewing. Did I mention the chewing?

K, just checking.

He has an affinity for foam, not limited to and including: skateboard helmets, dirtbike googles and flip-flops. This is not good for two reason: 1. I loves me some shoes, and 2. I loves me some hair-free floors.

I threaten to make a hat out of him, but then I serve him the leftover steak. All cut up. In bite size pieces. Nicely warmed.

He's playing me.


melissa said...

You won!! You won!!!! Congratulations! My friend, Janelle will be SO glad that a "worthy" fan won!! email me where to send the prize. mwilyms@aol.com
Did you catch my lttle hints??

The pup is TOO adorable. Keep your shoes up!

Urban Mom said...

Those eyes would play anyone. And they'd LIKE it too, I imagine. What a cutie....

CMB said...

How cute is he? He has gotten so big since the 1st time you wrote about him. We lost our dog this past month and I miss him, but not the shedding. He did not chew but he sure did shed. I could have made many a fur coat over the past 11 years...

mamabear said...

Your dog and my cat would make a good couple. Well, maybe not really, but in a shedding sense. I swear my cat must shed a fur coat every day with all the cat hair I vacuum up, and the hairballs she throws up.
At least you don't have the hairballs.