March 18, 2008

Chicks, Man!

A few weeks ago, a fellow homeschool mom asked me if the boys and I would be interested in a 4-H project, hatching chicks. We agreed and this past Thursday we received an incubator and 12 eggs. I had the job of turning the eggs and overseeing the proper humidity of the incubator. Two very important jobs. Long-time readers of this blog will recall that I have, in the past, been challenged with keeping living things alive.

Suffice it to say that botany is not my forte.

Today the eggs began to hatch. Joe was the first one to see the peeps rear their freaky looking heads. Cause let's be honest, they look bizarre when they bust out of their little egg houses.

Exhibit A:

Twenty-one days all cramped up in that hen fruit does things to a chick's neck.

Ahh, that's better. Now if I could just get this wing out. And my butt seems to be snagged on something back there.

Freedom! Hmm. Now what?

I'll just perch myself atop these guys. They won't mind.

So here he sleeps. He lifts his head and chirps for a few seconds and then passes out in a stupor. Another chick hatched a little while ago, but he is camera shy. He's not ready for his close-up.

I'll bore bombard you with more tomorrow.


Jersey Girl said...

Oh my! Awesome. Wonderful. Looking forward to being (bored) bombarded tomorrow.

CMB said...

Wow! How great is that for the boys to be a part of. Very cute.

Urban Mom said...

Awwwwwww!!! How COOL! I can't convince Urban Dad to agree to a butterfly pavilion. What a neat project you have there!

mamabear said...

Oh, they are so cute (in a weird chick sort of way). Are you going to keep them?

Laney said...

No, we are not keeping them. Sadly, we have to give back tomorrow, another family wants to enjoy the peeps. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww how cool! Too bad you don't get to keep them for a *little* while anyway. They sure are cute once they fluff up and begin to chirp and scatter about. But..when you have several, that also quickly gets annoying LOL 12 might not be terrible though. But least you go to share in the hatching experience :)

melissa said...

You're lucky, though, because now's when it starts to get tough to keep 'em alive. I'd say that y'all definitely got the best part of the deal.