March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Joe found his Easter basket in the train basket. He saw the jelly bean filled basket, grabbed the handle and ran to feast. I had to send him back for the solid bunny. Mainly because I wanted some chocolate.
Jeremy found his in the kitchen. He actually looked in this cabinet twice before finding it. Once I informed him that bending was necessary, he was good.
John told me to hide his "somewhere hard, so I have to really look." So I did. And then Joe and Jeremy found their baskets and John was still searching. "Give me a hint," he said. so we played hot and cold and he found it in the dryer. The ironic part was, he looked in the utility room to begin with but looked everywhere but the dryer.
Breakfast is served! It's Easter, we'll worry about their teeth rotting out tomorrow.
Look how cute I am. No, really. I'm cute, right? See, I knew you thought that I was cute.


Dy said...

What a fun way to begin Easter morning! I usually wake up around two in the morning and remember that I didn't put the baskets out - throw them on the table and call it good. *sigh* Someday I'll be cool.

And they are cute!

CMB said...

Great idea to hide the actual basket! Looks like you had a nice Easter.