March 2, 2008

Running on Empty

In the car tonight, this conversation took place.

How much gas did you get? Twenty dollars worth?

No, thirty.

Wha-? You must have really been empty, there's only 1/4 tank.

I was. The light has been on since Friday.

Babe, that's not good for the truck.

Well, I view it as a challenge. It's exciting to see just how far I can go with the "Low fuel" light on.

Don't call me and say, "Guess what! This is so exciting! I ran out of gas, Kev. Can you come and help me...and bring the gas can."

I hate pumping gas. It is just not right.


CMB said...

Ok, this is crazy. I was having a gas conversation today at lunch here in KS. I actually pre-paid my gas for my rental car so I do not have to pump my gas. Us Jersey girls DO NOT PUMP GAS!

Urban Mom said...

One thing I loved about being pregnant... both my husband and mom were paranoid about me taking in any gas fumes. No gas pumping for me for nine months! Almost makes me think about a third baby...... almost......

Heidi said...

That is why you should live in Oregon. :) I love not having to pump my own gas! It's tough traveling with my sister to Washington or California. It takes us quite a while to get the hang of it, LOL. As far as I know, our gas isn't any more expensive, either.

mindy said...

I am the queen on running on empty! :-) I hate getting gas. Usually Danny will put gas in my car when it needs it, but the other day we had a similar discussion because the yellow light had been on for a while! :-)

Donna Boucher said...

Well, heck, 30 bucks is just a 1/2 a tank nowadays anyway.

Now that is just not right.