February 28, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

My love for shoes has been well chronicled on this blog. Shoes are wonderful things for many reasons. Number one, no matter what weight you are, your shoes always fit. I have yet to hear a woman say, "Do these shoes make my feet look fat?" Now I have, on occasion, witnessed the very unpleasant exploding foot phenomenon. You have seen it before, haven't you? Some poor soul dons a shoe that clearly, clearly, does not fit their foot and you have the exploding foot phenomenon. The flesh on the top of their foot lops over onto the rim of the shoe. It is gross.

Number two, a great pair of shoes is always a pick-me-up, especially when they are completely unexpected. Kevin bought me the perfect gift this past Christmas. For years now I have been wanting a pair of Sundance Catalog motorcycle boots, but to the tune of $298? I think not. I let go of thoughts of buying them for myself because $298? We need that money for things like groceries and, uh, heat. No one wants to go back to eating ice chips and warming their hands over the flame of the gas stove. Plus, I am difficult. If I can't have exactly what I want, I won't get anything.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box on Christmas morning and found these:

Not $298. But equally as perfect.

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zelda said...

Frye boots? I'm an addict. Love yours.