April 22, 2010

Kitchen Window Mistreatment

Thank-you, Nester!

My lone kitchen window has been bare since we moved into this house. At first I wanted to leave the window bare, and let the glorious sunlight pour in. But then the glorious sunlight turned into the blinding, migraine inducing sunlight and the bare window lost its attraction. The bloom was off the rose, as they say.

In New Jersey there are precious few fabric stores. Apparently no one in the tri-state area sews anymore. Very sad commentary on our society, methinks.
Anyhoo. We have one really great store called Fabricland that sells an abundance of fabric and notions. I picked out the most adorable Waverly fabric, and then my mother suggested adding some fringe, she's awesome that way.

Behold! The rooster!

The fringe, and the coffee.

The window. Duh.

Close-up of the fringe, it's so sweet it makes my teeth hurt. And, I know that I need to trim the fabric from the bottom of the mistreatment. Let's just say that I live 90% of my life in the "It's good enough" category.

Drapery nails, another Nester recommendation.

The finished project. From start to finish this took me about an hour, and the total cost was under $20. I am sew happy. yuk-yuk


Laney said...

No one likes the roosters? *snort* At least I crack myself up!

WendyP said...

Oh no.......I just LOVE roosters! Have them as various accents in my own kitchen. That valance is fabulous....I wonder how it would look in my kitchen. I have a shade but its beige....and boring. But alas I don't sew......if only I had a friend who did.....hummm... :o)

Laney said...

Wendy-I can come and help you make one, it is so easy!

Rickey said...

So where is this Fabric land? I got to do a lot of knitting when I was in Canada but mostly because they had GREAT yarn stores with tons of different yarns that you just can't find at your run of the mill Craft store.

Camille said...

I love them Laney! Would you please make me some? Seriously. I will pay you. They would fit right in around this funny farm.

<3 Camille