June 18, 2010

Field Day

Yes, the hottest day of the week and I have the privilege of standing in a field wilting in the sunlight. I am assigned to the Water Balloon Toss activity station. I asked the Magic 8 Ball if it foresaw wetness in my future and the answer was, Signs point to yes.

(Note to self, rethink wearing that white T-shirt.)

My older boys are excited because we participated last year and it was oodles of fun. The best part, for me, was watching them use a hula hoop.

What can I say, he's got my style. Hands flailing, hips shaking, it's like that every day here.

Clearly we need to discuss with this boy the difference between his neck and his waist.

And, of course. Is there nothing more precious than my baby in a potato sack? The Cuteness. It destroys me. Pardon the extreme blur. I was in the denial phase of my vision going south and did not have my glasses.

I am glad that today is field day. It marks the official end of the school year. And that is reason to celebrate.

Now, where did I leave my hula hoop?


Anonymous said...

Your boys are a hoot. It just reminded me of my own boys. The baby boy is sooooooo cute. They don't stay that small long enough.

Looking at your boys with the hoola hoops brought a recent conversation my boys were having to mind. It wasn't anything, but the way your boys arms were flailing about, and the completely random conversation about nothing seemed to just epitomize the way a boys mind works. Boys are so different than girls. Using the hoola hoops around the neck, the stupid conversations about things girls would not even THINK about.

Boys. I am so proud to be a mother to boys. They make me look at the world through a completely different lense. My girls I understand because I am one. My boys are a constant joy to me because they are boys. Does this make sense?

Oh and I love your header picture. I love the road she has come down. I love the exhaustion. When I read Run mother run....I wonder are you running from something or to something? Or both?

Laney said...

That is quite the comment, Cranberry. :-)

I think that I am well suited to being a mom to all boys, too. Boys are easy, they are just loud and physical.

As to the running header, great question. I guess the answer would have to be running to something.