June 7, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame

It has been years since I have been to a baseball game. The last time I went was to see the Mets play, and that was when I was engaged, so...16 years ago? Yikes. That game, I remember, was a lot of fun. We had great seats and David Segui signed my sister's sneaker. She had a pair of Keds that resembled a baseball.

Yesterday we did baseball on a less grand scale. We took the boys to see the Lakewood Blueclaws, a local minor league team, as part of our cub scout summer outings extravaganza. This was the first official outing for our newly crossed over Tiger Cub.

To say that it was hot yesterday is an understatement, sitting on the surface of the sun would have been cooler. The only option for keeping cool was to spend obscene amounts of money on lemon Italian ice, and cotton candy. Eating cotton candy in the NJ humidity is always a sticky situation. It never ends well.

Today we are off to our last day of co-op. To say that I am glad that co-op is over is also an understatement. I enjoyed teaching at the co-op and the boys enjoyed their classes, but I sign up for these things and then I remember that I am not a joiner, and I don't like leaving my house.

Next year we will not be participating in co-op. We have too many other outside activities that have prevented us from having a full school week. So here it is June, and we should be wrapping up our school year, but we are still in the thick of it and that makes me cranky. No one likes a cranky mother.

Oh, and I painted the dresser. I have to do one more coat of sanding and painting and put the knobs on, but I absolutely love how it looks. I will post after pictures as soon as I am done.


awal.ny said...

I am sure the boys will always remember the baseball game and that is why parents put up with the hot. MMmmm italian ice, yum, makes me wanting for our fireman field days.

I can't wait to see the dresser and I am so happy to hear you like it. Stay cool enjoy the last days of school, another year done, good for you.

Laney said...

Thanks. :-) I am very excited about the dresser!