September 3, 2010

One year closer to 40

Yesterday was an eventful day, two big things happened.

First, I turned 39.

Second, I spent most of my birthday in the ER with my 10 year old who is now the proud owner of 5 stitches in his chin. My poor baby was performing a scooter trick and near as I can figure, he went one way and his scooter went the other way. This poor boy is torn up. In addition to the stitches, he lost half a finger nail, has no skin left on the knuckles of his right hand, cut up his left knee in multiple places and has a black eye. I though that turning 39 was bad, but clearly what happened to him is worse.

This child is always sporting some sort of injury. He received 3 stitches in his head when he was almost 2, and six months later he had his chin glued together with the medical community's version of dura bond. He split his chin open during a game of let's see who can run the fastest and slide the longest on the hardwood floors. When your face meets the floor, at mach speed, there is bound to be some damage.

I am always finding new cuts and bruises on him and frequently exclaim, "What did you do?!"

He always non-chalantly answers, "Oh, I fell."

He remains unfazed by his injuries. He simply accepts them as the unfortunate result of mastering a new scooter trick. I understand this. We are more alike than I once thought, and that makes me appreciate his quirkiness.

So I turned 39 and the world did not end, nor did I suddenly age. (Thank-you, Mary Kay) All of my boys were absolutely wonderful to me yesterday. And my sister gave me the most wonderful, creative gift. She bought me a Vera Bradley zip ID case. Behind the plastic that would be used to display an ID, she slipped in a piece of paper that reads, Garage Sale Money. Inside the case were fives, singles and quarters. Isn't that the cutest thing ever? Does she know me or what? I am completely outfitted for a day of yard saling should Earl stay out at sea.

Earl? Stay out at sea. No one wants you here. We have plans this weekend and your presence would only be a nuisance. Kthanksbye.

What else?

Oh! I sold the ugly brown chair. Now to replace it. One more reason Earl needs to stay away. Didja hear that, Earl?

Lovely weekend to you!


cranberry cottage said...

what a sweet gift! one birthday just seems to melt into the other, no matter what the number is.

Alaina said...

Happy birthday! I am glad that the continuous booboos do not phase you and you forbid him from playing at something he obviously like, yet hurts, I know a few moms that would. How wonderful of your sister, it is great to get a gift that is simple yet is so you. Enjoy your long weekend and happy garage saling.

 Tatum said...

Hi there!! First let me say, Happy belated birthday to you!!! I absolutely adore your sisters gift, very clever. I was so surprised to see your comment. Yes my little nephew was not pleased to be awakened even if we were at the playground. As far as your 10 year old is concerned...OUCH. So sorry to hear of his injuries. You have to be a pretty tough mommy to handle little boys!